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Adam Garrie Important Suggestions of Imran Khan About Oil Discovery

The director Your Asia Adam Garrie  give an important suggestion to Prime Minister Imran Khan. How to use the reserves of oil and gas. he also say many of these countries create conspiracy and rebellion for capturing oil and gas reserves he also say not only be found oil and gas reserves in Pakistan many of new discoveries are be found nearest Karachi & Balochistan as soon as possible.He said A potential oil Rich Pakistan Much Avoid The " Block Gold Rush Mentality".

Important Suggestions of Imran Khan About Oil Discovery
Adam Garrie  Important Suggestions

He said to PM Imran Khan do no trade oil in to dollar form only trade in to gold and silver etc. He said dollar is not an reliable currency. Dollar have no backup of Gold. He said divide some of portion to own people. He said increment of weapons to secure own nation and also said create better relation from china because he is one of them that only help Pakistan if any difficult occur.

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