Discovery Of Oil In Pakistan Putting Iran And Saudi Arabia In Different Position

For a past few years, The USA and Israel Creating Conspiracy for fight between Iran and Saudi Arabia . What is the reason for creating conspiracy against Iran and Saudi Arabia?. The reason of the conspiracy is to Capture  Oil in Saudi Arabia. They create fight environments between them. You will guess the relation of Iran and Saudi Arabia it these thing , In any case when the involvement of Iran and Saudi Arabia are required mostly they will be support opposite. Because you will be seen in any stage the reaction of these country is opposite  .The support will be always against to each other. Now this conspiracy is totally failed. What is the reason of failing the conspiracy? The reason of failing the conspiracy is discovery of oil in Pakistan. Because if the fight came into being between Iran and Saudi Arabia, The price of oil is increasing and the other side if Pakistan complete the Oil demands of whole world,So the economy of Pakistan is much better than the recent. But the America and Israel never want to this incident will be occur.

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