History Of Various Areas Where The Oil Discover In Pakistan

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan says.  Asia's Largest Oil, Gas reserves may soon be found near Karachi. Many of powerful country Planned Last few years for how to capture the reserves of oil,and gas that are founding in Pakistan. His Planned will running past years under 1988. Israel and America already know the reserves of oil and gas in Pakistan. Because when the American Company Exxonmobil came into being Pakistan in 2017  he was submit the report in to America and Israel.  Generally The compaine against the reserves of oil and gas in Pakistan is already running since 1988 The Exonmobil had giving first report  America in 2007. But America and Israel can not take seriously. So today he accepted . he can do a big mistake. They running the compaine against Pakistan in different shape . In 2013 he running the compain to make Nawaz Sharif  Prime Minister of Pakistan . The American Intelligence CIA have
biggest hand to make Prime Minister of Pakistan. American Intelligence will trying to create refrendom environment in Balochistan. But he will not succeed . he create many rebellion and conspiracy against Pakistan for capturing Oil and Gas reserves but Pakistani Agencies Special ISI did not allow it to succeed

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