In Karachi Exxonmobil Detected Heavy Oil Reserves In Pakistan

In Pakistan huge oil and gas reserves are discovered by American company Exxonmobil. These reserves are huge over all the Asian Country.  Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan giving good news during her own Press conference. The Exxonmobil Company submit her own report on 15 March 2019 . They would submit a report on 7 March 2019 but failing the some major equipment he did not do it soon.  Now in Asia the huge oil and gas resources are found in Pakistan. As soon as possible Pakistan will become a huge oil and gas reserves in whole world. The question is this , In how much days are required  for Pakistan getting  oil and gas facility. After these resources Pakistan become a more Powerful according to the current position. And it's possible Dollar will decreasing in Pakistan after the increment of Rupees.The Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan also say may be India create rebellion and Propagate against this success

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