Inside And History Pashtuns And The Lost Tribes Of Israel

Coming the last time, Many of Israel Secret has been revealed. The new unthoughtful  statement of Rosenberg Rabbi came into front about Pashtuns. He call's pashtuns 'my cousins' from lost tribes and one of those tribes that are lost in the era of Hazrat Musa (A.S). He say 50 million Pashtuns that they are live in Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh are the lost tribes of Israel.He say when Assyrian Attack in his Northern  Kingdom of Israel before 2000 years ago 12 out of 10 tribe were going in Chabahar. Chabahar is the village that are located in Iran. He say all of these people were going in Chabahar . He say two tribes out of 12 are live in Israel But another 10 tribes are lost.He say People of two tribes 'benjamin and judah ' are said only the people of two tribe that they are freely living into the whole over the world but another 10 lost tribes are living in the form of Pashtuns. That is why Now they work all over the world and create rebellion between pashtuns to agree that he is one of us.Actually the dodge them. So that is why Rosenberg Rabbi take his task . The main aim of the Israel is create rebellion between pashtuns and doing fake attack in Pakistan. He say many of thing between pashtuns and Israel are similar while it is not truth Israel is the one of the big enemy of any Muslims. Any Pashtuns  Know Israel is a Dirty nation . The main aim of Israel is create rebellion between the Muslim and he want to destroy. INSHAHALLAH no body create rebellion between muslims.

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