Is There Israel Creating Conspiracy Between Pakistan And India

India doing fake air strike against Pakistan. Somewhere Israel behind this air strike to make successful . When Indian Air craft came in to being for doing air strike. Pakistan already alert from this kind of situation So he immediately response and the Indian air craft go back immediately. But in the hard situation Indian air craft drop payload in free space of Balakot. But India claims he destroy the Jesh Muhammad terror camp in balakot. The missile technology that India are used in own fake air strike is given by Israel. Not only that he also give own supporting Intelligence to India against Pakistan

Israel Creating Conspiracy Between Pakistan And India
Conspiracy Between Pakistan And India

Reason To Creating Conspiracy

The main aim of the Israel is engaging Pakistan with India and he openly killed Muslim in Falasteen, Gaza etc. Because if he did not do it. he can not openly killed Muslim. Because Pakistan took action against them. So Israel create engagement between India and Pakistan for the purpose to make Pakistan busy against india and he did every thing what he want . Israel want to create third temple by destroying Mosque Aqsa in Falasteen . Israel is also Involved the terror attack that were held on New Zealand. The chairman of Mosque Umer openly said during the rally is only Mosad was behind this attack.  The reason of Israel doing terror attack in New Zealand is he create engagement in whole  Muslims world. Because he want to clear the land of  falasteen. Where the 1000 of Muslims are lilved  When the terror incident occur on New Zealand Israel Killed 1000 of Muslim that are lived on Gaza. 

Israel Creating Conspiracy Between Pakistan And India
terror attack that were held on New Zealand
Why any body Create Conspiracy & Rebellion Against Pakistan

Because the main reason everybody creating conspiracy & Rebellion against Pakistan is Natural Resources In recently the exxonmobil submit report Asia largest oil reserves be found soon near Karachi . Israel and CIA already knows about Pakistan Natural Resources because when the 1st time exxonmobil came in to being pakistan 2007 he given a report on Israel & CIA on that time but Israel and CIA can not take seriously. Now he want to capture the Natural reserves of Pakistan. But Pakistan Army did not allow to do it. Venezuela is a practical example

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