Pakistan Deploys LY 80 For India And Sending Message Clearly Pakistan Retaliate For Any Action

The Turkish Media and also International Media Post a news in own Media about Pakistan Deployment LY 80 Against India and he also describe things are moving in different ways after Pakistan Retaliation. He says Pakistan Deploy's Chinese CH 4 and CH 5 air defence against India and give clearly message to India If you takes any foolish step Pakistan will be able to answer your any foolish step.So 24 Hours Pakistan Air Force, Military and Navy standing for alert Position. Pakistan say if India will do any kind of Movement Pakistan will fire a Missile on India.

This news will be discussing in whole media except Pakistan Media that Pakistan Deploy's a Chinese air defence in whole military base. Pakistan Agencies getting thread of Missile fires by India . All of these situation in India is always controlled by Israel Because he want India Engage Pakistan. So that he distract the mind set of whole world in India Pakistan War and he do all illegal activities in Falasteen and Gazah. When the terror attack in NZ whole world focused on NZ attack but Israel doing attack on Gazzah and Capture the long piece of land.

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