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Secretary State Mike Pompeo Is Testimonials Donald Trump After Visiting Israel

Secretary  State Mike Pompeo is Praising Donald Trump after visiting Israel . It's a very big statement of Secretary State Mike Pompeo are came in front. He say's it is possible God planned Trump to save Jewish People. You will be shocked by listening to this statement  . This statement is highlighted in whole world . It was a time he preach secretly. But in the recent time he preach openly . Because the time of Dajaal is coming to soon. And they are prepared for the final battle (Armageddon).  Mike Pompeo describe the incident of King of Persia in own interview that are also listed in the book of Bible.In the era of the kingdom of Persia the Persian king give the order to kill Jewish people. But the Queen of the kingdom Persia  Esther convenience the king. And asked the King of  Persia to give the freedom of Jewish people to kill enemy. So that the reason Israel celebrate the Purim Day

It's not a Circular thing that the mike Pompeo done it . It is the completely same scenario that are running from 2000 years ago.You guess in this events when the mike Pompeo visit Israel and  he released a video of 1.5 minutes. In this video he show the overview of  Jerusalem . The main thing in this video that are shown and we all need to focus this point that is showing the third temple and neglect the Mosque Al Aqsa. All of these efforts of Israel is only  for the final battle . Mike Pompeo shared the photo . The question is raised in the photo is showing the third temple and neglect the Mosque Al Aqsa.

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