Special Story Of Hindustan Times About India And Pakistan On 27th February

India Exposed after the fake terror attack in Pulwama the morals of every Indian and his Army is very down. Whole world knows the fake attack of pulwama and he also agree the Pakistan point. But the Indian media can not accept them. After the fake surgical Air strike by Indian Air force. T
he Indian media propagate them and he want from the world accept and give the statement from this favour . But whole world know this air strike is fake. After the fake strike the Indian News paper Hindustan Time publish again Fake news on 23 March 2019 . While whole the world Know about the truth. The News paper Hindustan Times says after the retaliation of Pakistan he is ready for the Missile Attack. he say's Indian select 12 targets in Pakistan for attack. He also said UAE, Turkey and America pressurize the Pakistan to Free the arrested Pilot Abhinanden. While whole world know Indian select 6 targets. He also know Pakistan strictly warn if he done any foolish step Pakistan response more than 3 times . The News Paper Hindustan time says America and other country pressurize the Pakistan for  releasing Abhinanden.  But America and other country accept and support the peace gesture of PM Imran Khan .

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