The Region's Dynamics Of Venezuela Is To Bringing Upcoming Future Changes

Now the country of South America, Dynamics of  Venezuela is to bringing upcoming change looking like a Shaam . A Civil War will be completely create by Israel and America also support them.The second time Venezuela suffers blackout within a month  So the civil war will be upcoming start by Israel and Venezuela will be totally lost by government. The  created situation of civil war is anywhere people fight against them nobody help to each other everybody create rebellion between us.America will also ready to destroy Venezuela. The Important thing are occur in Venezuela is Russian land 2 Military aircraft Exacerbating political tension.And for response Venezuela set S-300 air defense against them.

Venezuela Is To Bringing
Venezuela Is To Bringing

Any time it is possible any attack will be occur. America and Russia are stay in to different stage. The reason is only capture the oil and gas reserves.The president of Venezuela  Hugo Chávez show a strong bit of resistance but America send CIA Agent in Venezuela  for the purpose to remove Hugo Chavez.Now Russia support current president Nicolas Madurobut the other side Israel Support Opposition leader Juan Guido and Freemason, Almunaty , America also support them. All of this thing happening only for capturing oil reserves . America and Israel also doing these thing against Pakistan but Pak Army retract them so he lost to capture (INSHAHALLAH) In future Pakistan army still stand against them and win this battle. Entire world will seen once again a huge oil reserves country will be capturing by Conspiracy creator.

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