Upcoming Change Are Coming Soon In Region That Will Effect The Entire World

Falasteen is the one who is inside the painful situation,After the Painful attack in Gaza.This situation is showing that Israel will capture the Falasteen as soon as possible.But whole world stay in denial mode they can not took any action on Israel.We will clearly seen the Muslim has been lost the Falasteen. If the whole Muslim World can not support the Falasteen from Israel then the Muslim's will be Lost Falasteen. The Israel is very badly torturing the people of Falasteen. He fired the rocket on different places of Falasteen many Muslims were died in this attack .The google also remove the name of Falasteen in owm map only the name of Gazza strip are given.

 All of the Muslim Media are not given the news about Israel Terrorism because up to 90% he totally controlled by Israel. The leader of Hamas also say if UAE help us we will destroy the Israel completely and every Muslim Come in to the Mosque Aqsa For Prayer. But UAE can not response. In recent time only Hezbollah help the hamas for fighting against Israel.and the leader of Hezbollah Hassan Nasarallah also thread  Israel if he did not stop they will be come for fighting against them. Only Hezbollah support the Falsteen to fighting Israel  . No Muslim country supporting Falasteen. If the situation is still moving then the Muslim world wil lost the Falasteen

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