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Where is the line between the dispute and the canceled culture?

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Last month, the writer Kakoko Jackson removed his debut young adult adult, "A Place for the Wilon", which was released on March 26. The book falling in love against the background of Kosovo war, which follows the followers of two Americans, has admired that "a war-filled tension, beautiful young love, family strength and all heart," A blow job is also included. In which a part of the identity of a book with author-Jackson has been written black and written. But an agreed graduate reviewer who had dealt with Jackson's war treatment and his image of the Muslims, suffered severe effects, especially on Twitter. Finally, Jackson tweeted a letter from the "Book Community", "I failed to fully understand the people and the conflicts that I set around my characters. I made history and people What was the problem? "

Jackson Farkas came after each other after a week. Author, Emily van Zou, her novel lost her before being published, due to her criticism on twitter and gridrades. The book, called "blood hair", is a fantasy story, shown to an empire which is known as magic minorities, known as Affinites, and where "the pain of the skin is dark. Observers feel that the story of Zu's slavery had excluded the African American experience, and he objected to the scene, which appears that the black girl died in a clear white character. Go on, in the process of self sacrifice. Zoo, when she was migrating from China at the age of eight, her book "came across many industries throughout Asia and died on the trauma of human trafficking, which includes my own country."

Like Jackson, Zoe announced the "book community," writing apology, "it was never to harm any readers of this valuable community, especially for whom I write and want to empower." Thus, I have asked my publisher to not publish 'Blood Hair' at this time. "

Jackson and Zoe are together, who are a member of a fast group, Nail Annentines, Baby Lights and Y.A. for the. The creators published their debts in 2019. Nextly, Jackson was one of the loudest voices against Zoo; it is also mentally, he has worked as a sensitivity reader for Big Five Publishers, featuring the characters featuring characters from passing communities. Check. "Now, the Jackson community has become monsters once the police helped,"

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