After 8 Bomb Blast Sri Lanka's New Development is Heading Towards Another Move

Pakistan and Sri Lanka have friendly relations from past many years and we have worked together in a right way. Pakistan give many help to Sri Lanka when Sri Lanka stay in trouble. But Everywhere things are moving in a certain direction.

 Sri Lanka's New Development is Heading Towards Another Move
 After 8 Bomb Blast Sri Lanka's New Development 
21 April 2019 is the black day in whole world because 8 bomb blast at a same time but in different place. These place may include holy places, markets, shoping center etc .In this blast approximately 170 people are died and hundreds of people were injured . The current situation in Sri Lanka is very so sad. whole world give our expression about bomb blast in Sri Lanka
 After 8 Bomb Blast Sri Lanka's New Development


                                                  Who is the responsible of the current situation in Sri Lanka. The 3 major agencies MI 6 , CIA and Mosad and master mind India is behind him. Because the some facts that are hidden we need to understand it . The facts is In Past the terror attack on Sri lanka team that they are arrived in Pakistan for playing match . India create a conspiracy with the help of 3 major agency against Terror attack . This attack also revealed by Sri Lanka President Mahindah after Sri Lnakan Army chief visit to Paksitan

                                               When Sri Lankan Army chief arrived in Pakistan. The Pakistan Intelligence Agency give Intelligence about Tamil Alham that create rebellion in Sri Lanka, and also provide the prove about the proper link of Tamil Alham with India. Basically India make this group against Sri Lanka . So Pakistan Army give help about to complete all out operation about Tamil Alham and they get success against all out Tamil Alham Operation

                                                Now the current terror activity that are happening in Sri Lanka is doing by Tamil Alham and Tamil Alham is that group that is completely shut down by Pakistan Army with the help of Sri Lanka Government and now India make once again this group for conspiracy against Sri Lanka .this group is totally controlled by India. because India work on Chanakya Policy Create good relation of enemy neighbours

                                                Now the recent reason is Pakistan, Sri Lanka and china relations because in recently Sri Lanka Cricket board announce about playing cricket match in Pakistan So India never want a good relation between Pakistan So they create conspiracy against Sri Lanka and create propaganda that Pakistan is behind any terror activity

Why CIA, MI 6 and Mosad support India

                                                          CIA , Mosad and MI 6 these Agency support India for any illegal activity against China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Afghan Taliban because These agency know if the will combine together so it's a very big set back for him. because China is a big economic power rather than other Pakistan Intelligence is no 1 so they have a fear if situation is still continuously running china will become a super power. and they have lost her position in whole world. 

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