Foreign Policy Magazine Revealed Secret Pakistani F-16 Jets Remain on Ground

Up to whole world support Pakistan peace gesture and accept Pakistan take a good step after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Aggression But Indian Media continuously propagate against Pakistan and create war atmosphere in to own nation. In India many of the big leaders says Prime Minister Narendra Modi doing wrong but Indian Media create wrong Atmosphere but Now  Lockheed Martin sent experts to Pakistan to examine all the F-16 Jets and now we can find that all the jets are on the ground and Narendra Modi is giving another direction to the nation. The current situation in India is Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lose up to 70% position in election 2019 that are start on 11 April 2019 Intelligence report say Before election, May be Possible Prime Minister Narendra Modi doing some aggression

Pakistani F-16 Jets Remain on Ground
Pakistani F-16 Jets Remain on Ground

Would Be Possible America Punish India By Breaking News

According to third party analysis he said up to 80% Possible India get big set back in election 2019. The third party also said America punish India by breaking news about F-16 fighter jet . In what reason why America punished India. May be Possible the major reason is

1.  India drop payloads in Pakistan. These payloads include Israel missile( Spice-200) technology and now Pakistan get this technology and get more advantages 

2. Lockheed Martin threads India and convinced to India buy 100 fighter jet and the price of these jet is very high

3. Pressurize India to fight back to Pakistan

4. America never want to India get good relation with Russia

5. America want once again terror activity in India

Pakistani F-16 Jets Remain on Ground
India and Russia

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