Future Of Aasma Sherazi With Reham Khan And Others

 Aasma Sherazi is a big assests of Muslim League Noon and Maryam Nawaz. He is taking an interview of one of the most corrupt Person Ishaq Daar It is a matter of interest that when Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz came to Pakistan from the Air Plane , he had paid the bill of the Air Plane Aasma Sherazi is having a plan to move out from Pakistan in few days and things have completed for future. Reham Khan will work with Sherazi along BBC and VOA.

 Aasma Sherazi With Reham Khan And Others
Aasma Sherazi & Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz

Future Of Aasma Sherazi

In future Aasma Sherazi  left the Pakistan and work with BBC and VOA . She work with this media houses against Pakistan . Two already media anchor like Reham Khan and Hussain Haqqani work with BBC and VOA . They also propagate against Pakistan and now another media anchor nearly Aasma Sherazi join them. 

Question Has Been Raised

The many question has been raised about Aasma Sherazi salary who paid them. Because the News channel where the Aasma Sherazi work is not able to pay very heavy dues so who paid them?

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