Imran Khan taking big steps to Become a President of Pakistan

In Pakistan the situation of current system is not well. If Imran khan want's to change system according to Islamic Presidential system So, Imran Khan need to taking big moves for bringing Islamic Presidential System. But As we know that the step that Imran Khan is required  is not easy to taken. But Imran Khan can easily become the President of Pakistan in next upcoming presidential system of Pakistan. He has ability to put the country into right direction

 Imran Khan taking big steps to Become a President of Pakistan
                                                  If Islamic presidential system bringing by Imran Khan. In Islamic Presidential system Imran Khan have ability to get 85% votes by People of Pakistan. So Imran khan easily bringing Islamic Presidential system in Pakistan.


                                                 But some own leader of Imran khan put obstacle for Islamic Presidential system because they never want to Imran khan bringing Islamic Presidential system in Pakistan, Because if Islamic presidential system is bringing so illegal shop's of this leader will be shut down that's why they never want to Imran Khan put Islamic Presidential system in Paksitan


                                              Imran Khan is a good leader They want to work hard against corrupt People but the laws that is created by corrupt government when he is in power create obstacle for Imran Khan. So. during this laws Imran Khan can not running government with Islamic government . So he need to bringing Islamic Presidential system in Pakistan. 

                                                             Imran Khan face many difficulty to bringing this law because some own cabinet leader of Imran Khan never want this system because If Islamic System Bringing all of corrupt Leader shut down and now any leader interference with Imran Khan, Because according to this system only one big leader to operate whole Pakistan and he have full authority to disqualified the previous law and bringing new law nobody can interfere with them. The have special powers to runs Pakistan according to what he want.

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