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In Elections 2019 ,Report Presented to Narendra Modi on Winning Seats

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In India BJP face very critical situation on election 2019 . Because the position of Narendra modi in election 2019 is not very good . He lost her own position after 27 February 2019 failed strike.The are trying to put BJP back in to track and also trying to increase the position of BJP in election 2019 . They will try to get maximum  winning average on seats in election 2019. Narendra Modi was presented a report that how he can turn the things in his way in next few weeks.

Report Presented to Narendra Modi on Winning Seats

Intelligence Report About Narendra Modi and BJP Winning Seats On Election 2019

In India There are 543 Lok Sabha seats, Intelligence Agency report Presented to Narendra Modi, In his report Narendra Modi get 243 out of 543 seat in Lok Sabha election 2019, while In previous election 2014 Narendra Modi wins 330 lok Sabha seat. But Narendra modi wants above 300 seat in lok Sabha, but current situation of Narendra Modi and BJP is very critical. Indian Security chief already gives winning average report about election 2019 to Narendra Modi.

Report Presented to Narendra Modi on Winning Seats

Will Kashmir Leave India

In Kashmir every Kashmiri want refrendom from India. They never want to stay along with Indian. That's why the situation of Kashmir in every day more critical rather than previous day. Narendra Modi and BJP openly say if BJP government came in to being in election 2019. The will dismiss the article 370A and 35A. But already Kashmiri never want to stay along with India , If any changing will be happening may be possible Kashmir leave India. He also say in his own Manifesto that provide by Narendra Modi and BJP, but the congress party and Rahul Gandi say in his manifesto they will provide the protection on article 370A and 35A . After the dismissal article 370A and 35A statement of BJP and Narendra Modi, Kashmir 's leader say if any government allow to do it, So the Kashmir will leave India. Many of the leader like Mahbobah Mufti, Farooq Abdullah already warn about this situation

Will Kashmir leave India
Kashmir situation in India

Imran Khan Statement about Narendra Modi government

Imran Khan giving Interview on BBC, During this Interview he say if once again Modi government came into being, may be possible the dialogue will be happening on Kashmir matter. But If congress win lok sabha election 2019 in India , it's very difficult to solve Kashmir matter because due to BJP and Narendra Modi fears congress party can not took a bold step about Kashmir dialogue

In Elections 2019 ,Report Presented to Narendra Modi on Winning Seats
Imran Khan Interview on BBC

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