Julian Assange The Founder Of WikiLeaks Arrested By UK Police

The founder of wikileaks Julian Assange arrested in United Kingdom, He is arrested by UK police. Wikileaks website establish in 2006 by his founder Julian Assange. Julian Assange leaks many Intelligence report of different country . it's a very big set back of Israel and Mosad, Because many Intelligence Agency reported that Israel is behind them in every secret report leaks by Julian Assange

Julian Assange Arrested By UK Police

 Some Special Facts Need To Know About Julian Assange

                                  Founder of Julian Assange saddle on Ecuador Embassy , He also available on Ecuador Embassy, when UK police came in to being for a arrest. Some question have been raised on Julian Assange Arrest, Why Ecuador Embassy kick of in own Embassy? What's a reason and why, Julian Assange doing work only for Israel .

                                               Julian Assange and Mosad create conspiracy against Ecuador President  Lenín Moreno to shut down the government because After  Lenín Moreno took Ecuador Government the relation between Israel and Mosad  is not well , Because Lenín Moreno Support Phalasteen against Israel, He accept Israel doing not well in Phalasteen. Lenín Moreno say Phalasteen is a free state. Every response of Ecuador President Lenín Moreno on Phalasteen is against Israel

Julian Assange The Founder Of WikiLeaks Arrested By UK Police
 response of Ecuador President Lenín Moreno
 America also need Julian Assange because he leaks many secret report of America, They also leaks the secret report of Pakistani Politician but some of these leaks are pre planed, Because they want  to capture these politician. When the some leaks of Nawaz sharif came in to being, but this leaks can not leak properly because Israel and Julian Assange create fear in Nawaz sharif to convince , doing any thing that he want and they can get completely success to own work.

                                                         In day's of 90's David Cameron doing work for the Tilabib and Mosad , he call to Nawz Sharif for the reason to giving task, to putting Governor of Punjab for own choice

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