Officials Documents of Israeli Agency Mosad have been stolen and leaked

In Israel every news channel, news paper and economics time  they discuss the important file of Israel security Agency Mosad about Indian arms force have been lost.He say Top Israeli security delegation Lost classified a arms document en route to India According to the story of Israel secret agency and his media report, Israel wish to sell India several advanced weapons manufactured by defense industries such as spy , Planes and unnamed aircraft, anti missile tank cannons and radar system. he say Ahead of the trip, Ben Shabbat's aide printed several documents on the matter that included classified documents Israeli official forgot top secret Indian arms deal papers and airport restaurant. According to Israeli Media A waiter at the restaurant found the paper on a table

Israeli Agency Mosad have been stolen and leaked
Israeli Agency Mosad

Some Importance things we want to notice that

Can we thing, is it possible?, in to the whole world a country who lost his file and openly said i am lost . because it's very shameful situation for him, and is it possible one secret file have been lost and nobody know about it. Some major facts that are trying to hide by Israel Agency because he is a big failure of Israel agency Mosad and may be possible, A No 1 Agency will be getting them and Israeli Agency Mosad trying to hiding the facts. 

                                     Some Major Facts

                                           The one thing that are Israel trying to hiding them that is, The most secret file can not be lost by Israel Delegation. This file has been lost by India. now the question is . The file is fully against by Pakistan may be 90% Possible. Can be possible the file will be captured by Pakistan army and he know the secret?. Can we thing Pakistan know's the every step of Indian Arms force and the may also possible the secret agent of Pakistan is spread whole over the world?

Documents of Israeli Agency Mosad have been stolen and leaked
ISI Pak Intelligence

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