Qamar Bajwa has Putting Air Force Navy and Pakistan on the alert for India

After the Balakot Incident Indian Prime Minister fully exposed. He lose her position in India for Election 2019. He want to get back strong position for election 2019. They give so many threads to Pakistan for doing some aggression. So Pakistan Army Chief  Qamar Javed Bajwa has given a message to India and Put Pakistan Air Force, Navy and Army on Alert and Imran Khan also gave direction to forces to retaliate in a decent way.

Air Force Navy and Pakistan on the alert for India
Pak Army Chief CCC Meeting

 Mostly Red Alert In Pakistan 

After  lose the Balakot strike India make many full bullet proof bunkers in Jamoo Kashmir India will fully try to get full control of Kashmir. In this case Israel and America also help them. Israel gives Intelligence against Pakistan . This month ( April ) is very dangerous for India and Pakistan because in this month election will be held in India and if Prime Minister Narendra modi do not doing something they will clearly face lose the election 2019 Ajit doval also inform the Prime Minister Narendra Modi he is waiting from your order. But Pakistan Arms force send clearly message to India if any aggression doing by India . he will ready for retaliate. 

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