The Big and Important Role of China Between Pakistan and India

After Pakistan Minister Shah Mahmood Press Conference, Whole world discuss about war between Pakistan and India . If any activity will be happening between India and Pakistan, The role of china is very important between them . In India Prime Minister Narendra Modi create continuously war atmosphere to get back strong position in election 2019 after fully exposed by Pakistan and entire world. Generally China support is also from Pakistan favour. Because the relation between Pakistan and China is very Good and one of the another reason is CPEC( China Pakistan Economic Corridor), China Invest Billion of Dollar in CPEC agreement and they never want to any bad effect on CPEC. China has played an important role in the past between Pakistan and India and now it can play another important part in the future as Imran Khan and Qureshi have given direction to the nation.

 Important Role of China Between Pakistan and India
Imran Khan and Xi Jinping 

If War Occur Can China, Russia, Iran and Afghanistan Support Pakistan ?

If war occur China give proper help but the can't hep by army they only help Pakistan in the form of giving weapons, if Pakistan Immediately need, giving new technology, economically support, The help of china is not Openly it's secretly. If we say China help Pakistan by giving own army solders that's not possible China can't allow to do it. but may be possible China engaged India from Ladakh and pressurize indirectly to India by own forces.

 Important Role of China Between Pakistan and India

China, Russia, Iran and Afghanistan Support Pakistan 

                                                                 Russia never want to support Pakistan because Russia doing billion of dollar trade in India. They also supply weapons that price is more than billion of dollars ,but by reason China , Turkey or Afghan Taliban they can't ignore Pakistan but If America or Israel giving support to India, So Russia will giving Indirectly support to Pakistan.

                                                                 Turkey giving openly support to Pakistan They can never help to India in any stage. he already support Pakistan in the form of the voice of Kashmir,They always support Pakistan on Kashmir matter on any stage where a Pakistan needed

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