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The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned From Finance Minister

Some Leaders of block in Imran Khan Cabinet that are working against Imran Khan Policy get a big set back in to the face of Asad Umer disqualification. Imran Khan give many sign about this block that they are working against them but some security issues So, Imran Khan can not revealed openly. Imran Khan already talk about Islamic Presidential System in own press conferences and now this step in the form of Asad Umer Resigned from Finance Minister set the smooth way from Islamic Presidential System bringing in Pakistan

The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned
Asad Umar Just Resigned 
                                                               The process is not stop at this stage many other resignation will be coming of Imran Khan Leaders that they can not perform properly but Imran khan know about the leader because Imran khan received an Intelligence report by Pakistan Army who can work and who can not. but Imran Khan can not taking resignation immediately from leaders who have failed from own performance because some security issues but all of this leader will be disqualified by Imran Khan soon

The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned
Imran Khan
                                                                 The upcoming crack down of corrupt leaders is very important for Pakistan. This crack down will be decide the future of Pakistan Government but In any situation, The final decision of Imran khan is dissolve the Assemblies if he want to put Pakistan in to right way. Because Imran Khan say in own press conference the current system is not eligible for justice between them.

The Interesting Moment The Way Asad Umar Resigned
Can Imran Khan Dissolve National Assemblies

                                                        Because when those people set in power the make a rule and laws for saving him so they rules help to protect any legal action about him . But Imran khan want and Pakistan need to change this rule and laws according to Islamic principle . But it is possible in only one situation if Imran Khan change this rules and laws but it is only possible when Imran khan dissolve National Assemblies and get full power and bringing a Islamic presidential system

Intelligence Report

                                                    Imran khan received an intelligence report about Finance Minister Asad Umer In this report the character of Asad Umer showing is neat and clean because Asad Umer is an honest person but Asad Umer can not eligible to set Pakistan economy in to right way. Intelligence report say Asad Umer is not responsible for finance crisis. Previous government is responsible,

                                                     But some way Asad umer is also responsible for financial crisis because the can not took hard decision and this performance is not satisfactory for setting Pakistan Economy in right way and they have no ability to set Pakistan Economy in to stable form So Prime Minister Imran khan took a great step for taking Asad Umer Resignation 

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