The Unique Development For Oil and Gas in International is coming

Many of country face conspiracy against own country due to Natural reserves of oil and gas in own country. The conclusion of every country differences due to oil and gas reserves put in to that stage where he can not fight against conspiracy and rebellion or he won this fight. At the end of stage they face the war atmosphere in this situation two things will be happening one is not defeated and second is defeated.

The Unique Development For Oil and Gas in International is coming
Exonmobil drilling for oil and gas reserves

In world every country want to be become a super power and he know if he have a lot of natural resource his position is strong rather than other So. he create a conspiracy and rebellion between countries for capture resources but all of this activity that is done by own it's not directly , it's in directly but everybody knows about that. In recently Venezuela is an practical example for us

The Unique Development For Oil and Gas in International is coming
The critical situation in Venezuela due to natural resources
                                        Prices of Oil and Gas increasing in international market due to latest development. It is a moment of moving as price of crude oil and others can go up in upcoming day.
The Unique Development For Oil and Gas in International is coming
Prices of Oil and Gas increasing 
                                                  The current situation in Venezuela continuously forward in critical situation after the Russia and America interference in Venezuela natural resources. Two big countries fight together for capture Venezuela natural reserves . Russia help Venezuela against America. The Russian help not only base on Good relation between Russia and Venezuela. They also want to capture Venezuela  natural reserves but its not revealed openly but everybody know and understand about it. Now the current situation in Venezuela is Russia ready for war with US over Venezuela as regional tension SOAR to new heights. Russia threats America for Nuclear war

On the other side America ignore Russia threats


                                         Every body know about the huge discoveries of Oil and Natural in Pakistan Exon mobil give reports about Natural reserves. He say in future Pakistan will become Asia'a largest Natural oil and Gas reserves. but Intelligence Agency stop Imran khan for openly announced about Discoveries oil and gas reserves. because neglect for facing like Venezuela atmosphere in own country because Pakistan already face many hard challenges due to India. Because after 27 February 2019 incident the relation between Pakistan and India stable in high alert situation

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