Upcoming days Imran Khan is Going to Visit Iran on a Special Tour for a welfare of Pakistan

Imran Khan is visiting many of different countries  for the welfare of  Pakistan and people of Pakistan. Imran Khan taking many difficult step to making country as a good country.

Imran Khan is Going to Visit Iran on a Special Tour
Imran Khan is Going to Visit Iran
                                                                 In recently,  dogfight between Pakistan and India on 27 February 2019 after India's claims Balakot strike Imran Khan  took a very good decision after India's aggression. Indian air force wing commander Abhinandan is an good example set by Pakistan  and now it is right time to visit Iran and put the country into right path. He has already visited many countries in the past.

The Importance of Iran Tour For Pakistan And Imran Khan

                                                                         The tour of Iran set very Importance for Pakistan, In this tour many Issues will be discuss between Hassan Rouhani and Imran Khan for a security purpose. It's a very big move by Imran khan and Including Pakistan Army. This move will be straightly effect on India and Iran Relations. As Usually India use Chanakya Policy in own foreign Politics

 Imran Khan is Going to Visit Iran
Hassan Rouhani and Pakistan Army Chief

What is  Chanakya Foreign  Policy

                                               Usually India work on Chanakya Poliicy in foreign politics . Basically the foreign policy of Chanakya is creating  good relation with neighbours of enemy countries . As we know the relationship of India between Pakistan and China is not good but relationship of India between Iran is very good. Because Iran is a neighbour country of Pakistan. So, India use Iran's  land for doing misadventure against Pakistan. 
What is  Chanakya Foreign  Policy

Chanakya Foreign  Policy


India, America and Israel never want to Pakistan going to visit Iran. Because They never want the good relations between Pakistan and Iran . Because if the relations between Pakistan and Iran doing good so Iran can not allow more India for use Iran's Lands for creating conspiracy against Pakistan.
Russia play an important role for the tour of Iran between Pakistan

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