China Provided Many Units Of LY-80 Missile System to Pakistan To Enhance The Capacity

The relation ship between Pakistan and china is good that's why china help Pakistan in any stage. In recently they also help Pakistan to destabilize  the economic situation of Pakistan. The give million of dollar to Pakistan for a helping purpose.

In recently Pakistan face a dogfight due to Indian aggression. This dog fight is happening of 27 February 2019. In this fight Indian air defense is completely exposed because Pakistan shut down two Indian fighter jets and capturing one Indian Air Force Pilots, called named as Wing Commander Abhinandan.

Pakistan is working day and night to enhance the capacity buy missile system and at the moment China has provided LY-80 Missile system including many units to Pakistan. Pakistan get a big opportunity by China in Air Defense. Pakistan continuously work on Arms technology to enhance better and better. Pakistan spend million of dollar on Nuclear Program to make better and workable

Pakistan also buy 9 batteries and every machine consist of 6 launching pad it means if India or any other country attacked by back to back 54 missile at the same time on Pakistan. After getting LY-80 missile system pakistan have a capability to destroy them in air at the same time

But the range of this missile defence system is limited the total range of this system is 40 kilometre but Pakistan have a capability to how he used and they will definitely better use this missile defence system

Pakistan already have a good defence Missile system but they want to enhance the capacity of Defence Missile system after 27 February 2019 dog fight between Pakistan and India the situation is very critical in this situation may be possible nuclear war will be happening. According to pakistan intelligence he said India locked the target of 6 cities in Pakistan but pakistan claim he locked three time bigger than target in India for response it means Pakistan lock the target of indian 18 cities

So they want to enhance the capacity of missile defence system after  India buying iII anti Missile system from America the launching time of LY 80 missile defense system is 8 second. The speed of this missile system is fastest than a sound

For Enhance the Arms technology Pakistan face many conspiracy and rebellion by Israel and CIA. These two Intelligence agency work against Pakistan to create rebellion and conspiracy for the purpose to destroy and get full controlled. Although Pakistan face 9 Intelligence Agency Conspiracy and rebellion at a same time. Mosad, RAW and CIA is a favourite in this list

Pakistan make better relation with Iran and they also try to make good relation with Russia. Because if Pakistan face any problem in Future Only Russia help to solve them. After some problem is happening between India and Russia Relation. Pakistan have a great opportunity to make good relation with Russia.

The major cause of  bad relation happening between India and Russia is Buying a arms from Russia. India buying 70% weapons from Russia and recently they finalize the deal to buy S-400 defense missile system but due to bad relation happening India canceled the deals and now they ready to buy THAAD missile system from America

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