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Exonmobil and ENI: Report of Drilling Oil and Gas At Karachi Sea and Imran Khan

In Pakistan currently Exxon Mobil and ENI work for oil discovering near at Karachi exxon Mobil already submit report about oil development exxon Mobil already says if oil will be discovered in Pakistan Pakistan have Asia largest Oil and Gas Reserves pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan already gives the sign about these discoveries

Exonmobil and ENI: Report of Drilling Oil and Gas At Karachi Sea and Imran Khan
Exonmobil and ENI: Report of Drilling Oil and Gas At Karachi Sea and Imran Khan
Imran Khan and team working on Oil Drilling at Karachi Sea through Exxonmobil and ENI and now they are ready to submit the report to Imran Khan and others

Currently the economic situation of Pakistan is very bad so if the given report of Exxon Mobil is beneficial for Pakistan the Pakistan will decrease 75% economic issues because the discovery of oil and gas is very beneficial for Pakistan at the current economic stage because currently Pakistan face very economic challenges.

Pakistan want to support to develop economic trades and currently Pakistan have no other way to develop own economics trades so currently discoveries of oil and gas is only a way for developing economics trades

Basically currently Pakistan face many conspiracy and rebellion due to enemy like India, America and Israel wants to capture the natural oil reserves of Pakistan currently Pakistan already goes for IMF loan to stabilize our economics. But these countries create conspiracy against Pakistan to destabilize the economy# Venezuela is an practical example they already faced this kind of situation, this kind of challenges. Venezuela faced many conspiracy and rebellions due to foreign Enemies because these Enemies want to capture the natural resources of Venezuela and Venezuela have a huge amount of natural resources In future if any war is happening. This war is not only between two country while this war is considered as a third world war because group of countries fighting together and maybe possible Russia, Pakistan, China and some another Muslim countries are in one face and India America ,Israel and another some like of countries are another face and the reason of this was is only for capturing the natural resources

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