Narendra Modi is Moving With The Ideology of Chanakya Kauṭilya

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other work according to the ideology of Chanakya Kautilya the four famous adology of Chanakya Kautilya are used by Narendra Modi and others, for working against competitor and enemy. This four ideology of Chanakya Kautilya is very dangerous and these four ideology is known as saam, daam, dand and Bhed

Kautilya is also known as Chanakya he was an Indian statesman and Philosopher he was a chief advisor and Prime Minister of the Indian Emperor Chandragupta Chanakya Kautilya was the first ruler of Mauryam Empire and he was belong to the Brahmin caste Chanakya Kautilya was from Northern India and he was a professor of Political Science and economics at the University of Taxila

  How's Famous four ideology of Chanakya Kautilya work ?

Ideology of Chankya is very famous among Narendra Modi and others. They are trying to move things according to the teaching of him in way to stand along Pakistan. These four famous ideology are known as Saam, daam, dand and Bhed


Saam (honey trap) it means the beautiful ladies doing a job for attract another peoples for the purpose to make sexual relation between them and getting work from the own choice. Indian intelligence Agency RAW use this ideology against Pakistan and other enemy Countries for getting secret information of enemies and Pakistan


Daam means give money and buy it it means you will give the money and by the faith of the people for the purpose to getting a work for own choice indian Intelligence Agency RAW and Narendra Modi use this ideology against Pakistan for buying a people Faith and getting a job for own choice. In recently Pakistan major general Asif ghafoor said PTM work with Indian Intelligence Agency against Anti Pakistan activity he also said Indian intelligence RAW funding to PTM for working against Pakistan


Dand mean getting a work with power if you failed by getting a work with Saam and Daam. In recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Indian Intelligence RAW thread so many times to Pakistan that he attacked in to Pakistan and destroy them. But Pakistani Major General Asif Ghafoor said we full prepared to retaliate any aggression that is happening by India. Like the retaliation on 27 February 2019 after Indian aggression on Balakot


Bhed means create conspiracy and rebellion between them. indian Intelligence Agency and Narendra Modi continuously create conspiracy and rebellion between Pakistan and the people of Pakistan they also send terrorist into Pakistan for doing a conspiracy and rebellion between the people of Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan

The 5th adology of Chanakya Kautilya that is very dangerous is make a better relation from the Neighbours of enemies like the relation of india with Iran and Afghanistan is good while the Pakistan relation with those country is not fair but the relation of Pakistan with China is good and the relation of India and China is not fair

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