Pakistani Fighter Jets Enter into Air of India With Special Skills - Indian Report

After three month ago Indian media and Russian media accepted the Pakistan skill that he shows during the dog fight on 27 February 2019 between Pakistan and India in this dog fight India face a very insulted situation because Pakistan shows big retaliation after the Indian aggression

According to Indian media they said that Pakistan enters 700 metre deep in our air they also said that Pakistan target our Summit military base and they successfully chase on target they also said that Pakistan military force planned to destroy some military base and they get success in our mission

After the dog fight Pakistan shot down two Indian fighter jets and capture one Indian pilot. But in starting India cannot accept about any aircraft that is shut down by Pakistan Air Force they continuously propagate that no any damage occur by Pakistan air Force but after completely exposed by Pakistani media they accept Pakistan shot down one fighter jets and also accept Pakistan capture one pilot that the name Was wing commander Abhinandan

After Long time ago India except about Pakistan's fighter skills that shows in 27 February 2019 according to Indian media they said two top indian Military commanders escaped the Pakistan Air Force PAF bombing near an Indian defence installation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir on 27th February,reveals a report in the print media outlet some three months later

According to Russian media and Russian intelligence they said to Indian Army Lieutenant General Commander escaped when pakistani aircraft bombing near military base. They also said that pakistani fighter jets enter 700 metres in Indian Air for complete the mission. According to the Russian intelligence 16 more Indian crops are left the military base when Pakistan bombing

After the dog fight between Pakistan and India Pakistani major general Asif ghafoor conduct a Press Conference in this press conference directly or indirectly claimed that they were properly planned for killing indian Army Chief. Pakistani major general Asif ghafoor give the sign about killing Indian army Chief in different state in different press conference.

In some places Pakistani major general Asif ghafoor directly or indirectly said they were properly planned for targeting Indian Army Chief but they can't do it because they cancel the mission but he said they have properly intelligence about where the Indian Army chief stay and if we want they will kill them

In whole world somewhere discuss about Israel interference between Pakistan and India dogfight happening on 27 february 2019. After the dog fight between Pakistan and India. Pakistani general major Asif ghafoor claimed firstly that he shot down two Indian fighter jets and captured two Indian Pilots but after a some time ago they accept only one pilot but they stay on own decisions he shot down to Indian fighter jets

According to Pakistani Security Analyzer and International Security analyzer said may be possible that, The 2nd pilot that Pakistan claims firstly he captured is belong to Israel

How we surely said about Israel interference ? 

The relationship between Israel and India is very good Israel help to India for weaponry purpose in different stage . Hi give many weaponry support to India

India claimed he doing a balakot strike against Pakistan and in this strike he claimed that he killed more than 200 terrorist but this is total faked. According to International Media nothing will be happening in balakot strike but Pakistani major general Asif ghafor said after the Pakistan quick response India go back. during going back of Indian Fighter Jet in India he dropped a payload in Pakistan near at balakot Pakistan get a Spice 200 missile. And Spice 200 missile is used by Israel for security purpose for defence purpose and for attacking purpose so we will surely set Israel interfere between them

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