Positive Development of Pakistan From Russia and Region is Moving Right

The first time Russia openly said if United State of America go for war with Iran Russia openly intervene into the war according to The Moscow Time independent news from Russia. it is a big opportunity for Iran Afghanistan and Pakistan to make better relation with Russia unlikely to stay neutral if us and Iran go to war

As U.S tension with Iran are changing course toword a possible military confronations the Russia factor is becoming more crucial.According to Russian Express news Russia Putin could come intervene if us and Iran go to war

It is a big opportunity for Iran to make better relation with Russia. first time Russia clearly said that he cannot stay neutral. Russia clear own opinion about if America and Iran go to war.

India get a big setback in own relation with Russia after Russian  opinion about if America and Iran got to war, because India never want from Russia to stay with Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan against any activity of America.

If war occur between Iran and America. Russia already openly said he stay with Iran , Some another countries also stay with Iran like Pakistan and Afghan Taleban. America also afraid about these situation so they work hard against them. Israel also intervene between Iran and America to capturing Natural reserves of Iran

The big thing for Muslim world is to make better relation with Russia because in future if war occur between Muslim world and other countries like America, India Israel Only Russia help to these countries for a fight against America, Israel and India they give any kind of help like give weapons for fighting against them ,medical help and financial help etc

The relation between Russia and India day by day goes to more worse after India cancel the deal with Russia for buying S-400 defense Missile system. There is a right time for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran to make better relation with Russia due to worse relation between India and Russia

After completing hundred years relation with Russia and  Afghan taleban . The delegation(deputy commissioner of Afghan Taleban Mulla brother) going to Russia for celebrating, the completion of hundred year relations in Moscow. In this celebration conference Russia warns to America that now a time is coming America go back into US and leave the Afghanistan if they can't do it, Russia will openly stay with Afghan Taleban to fight against them

America already defeat by Afghan Taleban. America continuously fight 10 years a long time against Afghan Taleban to getting success but he failed to defeat them so he lose a war against Afghan Taleban and he received a big loss of millions of dollars. Now currently they want  help from Pakistan to solve problem by dialogue

But India never want from America to leaving Afghanistan because India now if America leave Afghanistan, Afghan Taleban  start working with Pakistan for doing activity against them.

So India wants to America stay in Afghanistan and they easily create conspiracy and rebillion against Pakistan. If America leave Afghanistan they cannot work against Pakistan easily because Pakistan getting a Afghan Taleban Support. So I  India face difficulty to work against them

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