The New Development For Iran to Export Oil to 8 Different Countries

In whole world every where any body create conspiracy and rebellion for the purpose to capture natural reserve. In future if any war will be happening may by 80% chance this war will be on the base of capturing Natural Resources. Now the current situation the major countries that have a huge natural reserves like Venuzuela  they face conspiracy due to enemy countries. The three major agencies that they work for capturing natural reserves for becoming a super power.

The New Development For Iran to Export Oil to 8 Different Countries
The current situation MBS told they gonna replace oil production and supply and price of Oil should be good. On the other hand OPEC asked everyone to keep Oil Trading in a right way. The current situation Iran face conspiracy due to natural reserves Iran give openly and clearly message to OPEC Iran Petroleum Minister say Iran to respond to threat made by other OPEC member If interest are threatened

What is OPEC

OPEC( Organizers of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) is an institution that is made by America in 1960 .This institution contain 5 big oil and gas reserves countries. In which Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Venezuela made this institution for controlling the price of Oil and Gas. The Price of Petroleum and Gas Increment and decrement is decided by OPEC in International Market and now Past and present this institution is controlled by America.

All You need to know about current and future development of Oil and Gas reserves

As we know the OPEC is totally controlled by America so when he want they will increase the price of Oil and Gas in International Market So, If America do it the critical situation will be created in to whole world. Now the current situation two big natural reserves countries both of them are Muslim Iran and Saudi Arabia face conspiracy by enemy countries. These countries are who they capture the natural reserves of Venuzuela. Already relation between Iran and Saudi Arabia is not good . These countries took advantages and destroy them like a Venuzuela.
The New Development For Iran to Export Oil to 8 Different Countries
Donald Trump Conspiracy against Iran and Saudi Arabia

The situation between Iran and Saudi Arabia is bad. They start working against them and can not support to each other so this is the sign of destroying like a Venuzuela. Because already America and Israel control the whole OPEC and now they want to get proper control on Iran and Saudi Arabia Natural Resources So they want to create conspiracy between them and took advantages because if Iran and Saudi Arabia fight to each other America Get proper control on Iran and Saudi Arabia Reserves

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