United State is Giving THAAD Defence System to India Instead of S-400

America, mossad and RAW 10 intelligence agencies are working together for creating conspiracy and rebellion against Pakistan the main aim of these Intelligence Agency is capturing natural reserves of Pakistan india not only creating conspiracy and rebellion against Pakistan america and mossad also help to India for doing terror activity in Pakistan

Every activity that are happening in Pakistan America and Israel also behind him but the mastermind of the activity is that are happening in Pakistan is India basically Indian armed forces and intelligence are not well like Pakistan so he doing this kind of things for getting success in own mission america also help to India against Pakistan activity

United State is Giving THAAD Defence System to India Instead of S-400
United State is Giving THAAD Defence System to India Instead of S-400

So America currently give THAAD defence system to India. These system has the capability to work on the range more than 200 KM but on the other hand S-400 has some brilliant feature like it has the short and long range

Now indian Airforce soon get a new Air defence system and this system help india to perform much better reather than previous performance but history shows nobody can win the war only depend on the the weapon while  we can get success only when we put 100% effort but war is not a solution of any problem

United State of America offered to India that india buy THAAAD anti Missile system we have no objection about Indian buying anti Missile system firstly India shows interest in Russian anti Missile system S-400 some issues india cannot buy S400 anti Missile system so us offer to India for buying anti Missile system

Basically every step of Indian armed force is only against for Pakistan because he think that Pakistan is own enemy but it is not truth Pakistan always want peace pakistan understand about the effects of nuclear war so that Pakistan does not want any any nuclear activity pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan already said if India want peace we will stand with India but they try to doing some aggression against Pakistan so Pakistan have a capability to retaliate 

All you need to know about Narendra Modi

in recently the Time magazine launch an article  about indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this article many facts about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have been revealed according to time magazine article narendra Modi is divider in chief that means Narendra Modi is person who divide indian people into different states they create a divider atmosphere between own nation PM Modi divide Indian peoples into different nation like Muslim are other Hindus are other Christians are other and so on 

So we conclude that Narendra Modi wants reall Hindus government and this kind of Hindus are live in India, totally population is 2 crore and Hindus are known as Brahmin and Narendra Modi is also a Brahmin

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