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US Think Tank Give A Positive Report About Pakistan and the Region

It is a very big positive impact of Pakistan military forces and Pakistan intelligence that a big think tank of United State of America and a great security expert analyzer wrote an article and doing media talks about the hardworking of Pakistan intelligence ISI. These think tank and security expert analyzer said that they lose a long time of of 18 year War against Afghanistan due to Pakistani intelligence ISI interference directly or directly with Afghanistan

They also said they face a loss of billion of dollar due to fight against Afghan taleban but united State of America and his intelligence failed to get good result they said they face only loss in this war and now they want to leave this war because us and CIA never want to face more loss. In recently afghan taleban shut down two expensive US military helicopters and one aircraft there is a very big loss for US

According to the united States security expert and his media Pakistan openly brag that they have defeated the United States he also said shortly before his death in 2015 Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, Pakistan's ISI, announced as the godfather of the taleban said in an Urdu language television interview

According to United States think tanks and security expert that only Pakistan intelligence ISI is who they clearly defeat in a war against Afghan Taleban the United States think tank report is discussed in whole world in everywhere it is a big directly or indirectly positive impact for Pakistan intelligence ISI that he is a biggest and successful Intelligence Agency in the world

American think tank allegation that Pakistan intelligence ISI is the only reason for united State of America and CIA losing a war against Afghan Taleban. he  said  Pakistan Lieutenant General Hamid , A former ISI chief said Pakistan is a godfather of Afghan Taleban

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A Chinese philosopher Confucius said that. The truth fact in the world is who they cannot be seen with eyes and we can't hear it so whole world seen the Pakistan sacrifice and help to America fight against Afghan Taleban but the reality is opposite if it is truth that Pakistan give help America for fight against Afghan Taleban. In recently situation Afghan Taleban can never stay with Pakistan and never want to meet with Pakistan President Imran Khan for a dialogue propose with America

American think tank and security expert said Pakistan foolish to America that Pakistan give help to America for fighting against Afghan Taleban but the reality is opposite Pakistan give many sacrifices against terrorism and whole word already accepted about the sacrifice of Pakistan but this is truth about the Pakistan ISI that they helped Afghan Taleban to fight against America

Pakistan intelligence is who that phase 9 intelligence conspiracy and rebellion at the same time whole world knows about pakistan intelligence ISI working. Pakistan ISI intelligence have a great record that no  ISI agent is arrested by another Intelligence Agency

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