Actor Producer Aditya Pancholi Booked for Rape assault by Mumbai Police

Actor Producer Aditya Pancholi booked for Rape assault by Mumbai Police One of the famous personality in Bollywood Actor and Producer Aditya Pancholi face a rape assault that is files by Mumbai Police. Mumbai Police file an FIR (First Information Report) against the Bollywood personality this FIR is based on rape case that is filed buy an actress at the Versova police station

Actor Producer Aditya Pancholi reserved for Rape assault by Mumbai Police
Actor Producer Aditya Pancholi reserved for Rape assault by Mumbai Police
In Mumbai Versova police station has registered a rape assault case that is files by and Bollywood actress against Aditya Pancholi the serial number of the case is 198/2019 U/s 376, 328, 384, 341, 342, 323, 506 IPC.

Actress give a couple of television interviews. In this interviews she sad she was raped and physically abused by the actor Aditya a couple of time ago when she was live and stay together as a couple, she also stated that she had gone to the Police station for reporting and tell every thing about the Aditya activity that Aditya was done it but Aditya used his power, warns me and left off

New Delhi : "Actor Producer Aditya Pancholi booked on Thursday for Rape assault by Mumbai Police"Police officer write an FIR against Aditya that is based on the Actress complaint. The Complaint has been register on Versova Police station according to the section 376 of Indian Penal Code

The Police officer of Versova police ,however, stated that it is very difficult to prove the case and collect the facts and evidence because that case is almost 10 year old while the FIR has been registered recently so investigation have been started

Mumbai Police representative Deputy Commissioner of Police Manjunath Shinge affirmed the development about the rape case, however, he declined to expound and give more information about the case.

Be that as it may, official sources said that the facts and evidence has been documented against Aditya Pancholi in the issue that purportedly occurred somewhere in the range of 10 years we face difficulties to investigate

In her complaint, the actress said she was mentally and physically abused by Aditya Pancholi and she also said she was raped on several  occasion by Pancholi. Earlier, the actress files complaint against Aditya. Responding to her claims, Pancholi documented a criticism suit against the actress just as her sister

According to the actress statement, she said Pancholi abuse her when she was 17 years old the actress had said that she gone to the police after the Pancholi abusement but Aditya was use his power and apparently warns me and left of the case

Aditya Pancholi booked for rape by Mumbai Police
Aditya Pancholi booked for rape by Mumbai Police

In April 2019 The acterss sister had recorded an application , charging that Aditya Pancholi had abused her sister 10 years back, the Pancholi star sister sending a email to Mumbai Police in which the actress had accused Pancholi. This was trailed by Pancholi releasing a video of the attorney of the actress, asserting, that the legal Counselor was coercing him to pull back the criticism argument against the on-screen character or deal with assault indictments

The last we here that actress going to the Mumbai  Police station and she record her statement on the Aditya abused, following the statement that the Mumbai Police is registered and FIR against Aditya But Mumbai Police Said we face very difficult to find and collect the evidence about the case we face difficulties for investigation case because the matter is 17 year old

The rape case down the image of Aditya Pancholi in Bollywood as a Actor and Producer because they face a very big challenge if he found guilty in actress rape case  the Versova Police Officers Put in to the  Jail and the career of Aditya pancholi will be shut down in Bollywood industry many of the Bollywood actors face this kind of challenges but major actor can not found guilty in this kind of case while the get a clean chit like this kind of case

The last Bollywood movies of Aditya Pancholi was Sanjay Leela Bhansali's and Bajirao Mastani that he is done in 2015

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