Dream Women's World Cup Match: The United States faces France

Dream Women's World Cup Match: The United States faces France On Friday's game is expected to be the best game of this tournament so far. The United States faces France, the tournament host, in a highly anticipated. After the result of the match winning team will play with England with great moral on Tuesday and the team who loss the match they will face some difficult question that is not good for him

Dream Women's World Cup Match: The United States faces France
Dream Women's World Cup Match: The United States faces France

It is very proud full situation for the team who win it and on the other side the team who lost the match go back to home and it is very hopeless condition for a team The winner advances and the loser heads home.Kick-off in Paris is at 3 p.m. ET and will be televised on FS1 and Telemundo the winner elected for playing final with England on Tuesday and the loser go back to home without shining

The United State considered as a favourite team because the past performance is very well against the competitor It's won all its games in the Women's  World Cup so far united State has set a great record like he scored number of goal in the group play and also score a biggest goal differential

During the quarter final match United State set another record it marked the 125th game that U.S. Head Coach Jill Ellis has led this team. The US elected into the quarter final buy brilliant fought 2-1 win over Spain It was not the Americans' best performance because it was a struggling performance that is given by the US against Spain

Which quality and why the United States will win

The Americans are the more fighting women team in the world because they have a great capability to give tough time against any team they have a a great world class player and they are also are the deepest team in the world American team blessed with great talent and they are very confidential team nobody can easily defeated

United States defender Ali Krieger "we have the one of the best team that are found into the world and he also said we are the second best team in to the world" 

United States Coach Jill Ellis specially stated that. "When you're youthful and you come into this program, there's dependably an objective on your back. So it's right around a spot where we live normally"

Why the France will win

Dream Women's World Cup Match: The United States faces France At the point when France dismantled South Korea in the opening round of the World Cup, it looked as though no group in the field could coordinate the hosts, with Amandine Henry cutting up resistances and focusing balls to Eugénie Le Sommer for tap-ins and Wendie Renard overshadowing safeguards to transform headers into pinpoint passes or pulverizing completes, at that point dashing again into position to separate even the whiff of a restricting assault.

“They are the reigning champions, we have ability to prove herself by giving a great performance we have a cat ability the give tough time against any competitor,” Henry said Thursday. According to my thinking we will play very well in past 18 months

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