Pakistan Cricket Fans Give Positive Move During Cricket Match against Afghanistan

Pakistan Cricket Fans Give Positive Move During Cricket Match against Afghanistan The very critical moment occur during Afghanistan vs Pakistan cricket match. Pakistan get historical victory against them. Team Pakistan put great effort to win the match. Specially Imad Wasim give great performance against Afghan bowler that's why he consider the man of the match during the match some critical moment occur that is not good for all cricket fans

Pakistan Cricket Fans Give Positive Move During Cricket Match against Afghanistan
Pakistan Cricket Fans Give Positive Move During Cricket Match against Afghanistan

During the match fans of Afghanistan cannot control the patience so so they fight with Pakistani cricket fans this is a very critical situation between both of cricket fans because they doing a very bad thing. Some basic injuries occur during the fight between Pakistani fans and Afghanistan fan. It was a big mistake of Afghanistan fan because they cannot control the patience

Not only. things were happening during the match because after Pakistan get victory against Afghanistan the fans of Afghanistan once again lack her patience and things are once again out of control because the Afghan fan cannot accept the victory of Pakistan so they try to attack on Pakistani player but fortunately  Pakistani players go back to dressing room

After completing the cricket match of Pakistan vs Afghanistan some Afghani fans lose her patience and tried to assault the Pakistani fan and some another Afghani fans tried to assault the Pakistani player who were present on the pitch specially Wahab Riaz , Imad Wasim after doing a winning shot. One of the fan was nabbed officially by the security officer what a shameful act by the Afghan supporters

Afghan supporters already tried to assault the Pakistani fan outside the stadium. It is very shameful act by Afghanistan supporters. After the Clash between Afghanistan and Pakistan fans the Pakistani fans cleaned  up the Messy ground. A word on the crowd,really poor show,ground takeover by fans towards the end and tackling everyone,nearly got pushed by a “fan”,people getting thrown out due to all the fights between Pakistan and Afghanistan fans

Some Afghanistan supporters and ministers give sympathies and feel sorry for all those people who are justifying the pathetic acts of Afghanistan fans. National yesterday during Pakistan vs Afghanistan cricket match they attack journalist, security staff and spectators while you expect Pakistani to not even Run a trend against them

Afghanistan supporters showing a very Disgusting behaviour for clashing with Pakistani Fans.  No doubt India and Pakistan crowd shows much better behaviour despite having so many differences and tensions. These Afghani's are pathetic!!. A few Afghan spectators tried to assault the Pakistani Players that won the match for their team. Pakistan beat Afghanistan in the ground but Afghans can not accept the victory of Pakistan team so they trying to took revenge by beating Pakistanis in the stadium.

Pakistan Cricket Fans Give Positive Move During Cricket Match against Afghanistan

All Pakistani team specially Imad Wasim, Shaheen and Wahab Performed well but people talking about Asif Ghafoor , Qamar Bajwa and others and this show we are moving to the next level. All clash between Pakistan and Afghanistan cricket fans was pre planned, because some other intelligence agency are involved for create pathetic situation special the establishment of India, England and Afghanistan are behind him

The enemy Intelligence Agency. Specially CIA, Mossad and RAW use Pakistan versus Afghanistan cricket match for creating conspiracy and rebellion against Pakistan. These Intelligence Agency want to show negative image of Pakistan and presenting Pakistan as unsecure country but in past all conspiracy and the rebellion were filled that is created by him

We need to think how is it possible without interference of England security forces, the plane will fly on stadium it is a pre planned conspiracy against Pakistan for representing the negative image of Pakistan by using the Pakistan and Afghanistan cricket match.This should be investigated. A plane with banner "Justice for Balochistan" roamed the skyline of the stadium during Pakistan vs Afghanistan who are people behind this we all know but this type of incidents should be kept in check by local government

Why is no one talking about this ? Its okay for the people who did it but why is Cricinfo posting this. Will they show free Khalistan on its website if come up with this thing in reply ? Pakistan should ask for apology. 

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