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Army Chief Of Russia |General Oleg Salyukov| visits Pakistan and Meet with General Qamar Bajwa

Army Chief Of Russia General Oleg Salyukov visits Pakistan and Met with General Qamar Bajwa Army Chief of Russia Gen Oleg Salyukov doing Pakistan’s visit to enhance cooperation with Pakistan Army and his Security that Generals and captain have a great experience in war against terrorism. Pakistan give money sacrifice during the war against terrorist and get a grant success  against them unlike United States Army with long history of defeats from Iraq, Korea,Vietnam and Afghanistan Just wondering how to leave Afghanistan

Army Chief Of Russia General Oleg Salyukov visits Pakistan and Met with General Qamar Bajwa
Army Chief Of Russia General Oleg Salyukov visits Pakistan and Met with General Qamar Bajwa

In past the relation between Pakistan and Russia is not very well. But after India has decided buying American Thaad defence Missile system instead of Russian S-400 defence Missile system. The relationship between Russia and India is not good as compared to past. So Pakistan have a chance reduce misunderstanding between Russia that's why General Oleg Salyukov visits Pakistan and had a meeting with General Qamar Bajwa and Russia is Becoming a new trade partner of Pakistan for future.

Russian Chief of Army Staff General Oleg Salyukov had  a meeting with Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajva and discuss many important thing about Security and Pakistan economic Situation. Russia ready to reduce the Security issues with Pakistan and help to Pakistan to reduce economic crisis and now the time is coming when Russian Army, Pakistani and Afghan Taleban stand on the same stage and fight a war against enemy and may be possible this war consider a 3rd World War

During the Summit DGISPR major general Asif Ghafoor said "There cannot be any sovereignty in the absence of economic sovereignty. We are working for going through difficult economic conditions. We all need to complete our responsibilities so that difficult initiatives taken by government succeed. Russia also ready to exchange the technology with Pakistan for going forward

Pakistan need to reduce misunderstanding and make a closed relationship to other neighbours country specially Russia and Iran to less depend upon America and IMF( international Monetary Fund). Russian activity always against to America that's why they give support to Iran for enhancement the nuclear weapons against America but America never won to Iran for enhancement then nuclear activity so they maximize the pressure on Iran to withdraw a nuclear plan

The Russian diplomats said " We are very confident Pakistan's and Chief Of Army Staff visit of Russia", The considered a turning Point for making good relationship between Pakistan and Russia  America Continuously create conspiracy against Muslim World, Indian and Israel Intelligence agencies (Mossad and RAW) also involved those activities that America create for Muslim World to destroy them

Russia already finalise the deal with Turkey for giving S-400 Missile defence system ,while America continuously threatened to Turkey for withdraw the plan for buying S-400 defence missile system from Russia. But Turkey President Tayyab Erdogan said " Turkey will never withdraw the plan for buying S-400 Missile defence system from Russia" ,America doing things what he want but Turkey will never leave. This is an interesting move for everyone in upcoming months.

The Intelligence of America, India and Israel work together against Muslim World for creating Conspiracy and Rebellion between them because they want to capture the natural resource that are controlled by Muslim Countries but is not only the reason they also want to destroy them and running these countries according to own choice

After the bomb attack in Afghanistan city Kabul the dialogue between America and Afghan Taleban going on difficult situation may be possible the dialogue between America and Afghan Taleban failed due to terror attack in Afghanistan but America will never want to cancel or failed a dialogue with Afghan Taleban because they already face a loss of billions of dollars in the form of war against Afghanistan but they totally lost the war

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