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Can America Afraid due to Russia Interference in Iran

Can America Afraid due to Russia Interference in Iran. Russia steady gives support to Iran against United State pressure. America wants from Iran to withdraw your plan to generate uranium for making nuclear weapons. But Iran has not been able to increase uranium production

Is America try to increase the pressure on Iran?

The United State will try to continue to increase the pressure until Iran withdraws the plan for uranium enrichment. The Trump leadership will never allow Iran to increase and developed a Nuclear weapon. But Iran cannot allow anybody especially America doing any aggression against them. So they will never accept the United State Pressure. Iran President Hassan Ruhani start working to reduce American economic sanction 

Kirsten Gillibrand stated that Abandoning the Iran nuclear deal was reckless and dangerous. We need to return to the agreement, strengthen it, and bring Iran back into compliance. President Trump’s foreign policy is a national security risk.

U.S President Donald Trump stated that "Iran showcases its military power, so does Russia and North Korea! What is wrong with America showing its power Patriotism, readiness and National Pride? Nothing, unless you are liberal"

John Mearsheimer writes Said, "Donald Trump stated that he wants to try to make sure Iran never increase nuclear weapons. His policy, however, is having the opposite effect." 
Iran is allowed (under Art. 36 JCPOA) to treat other parties' violation of their obligations as ground "to cease performing its commitments in whole or in part until others are brought back to compliance. Other parties are estopped from invoking "snapback".

America mulcts a huge pressure and putting sanctions on Iran to pressurize the administration of Iran Security  Council and Government to renew the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Nuclear deal the way the United States wants. But Iran took America sanctions and pressure easily and giving respond by restarting its nuclear program, after shoots down an American drone and calmly and casually replies, "Bitch, please".

President Trump plays a Syria card to enforce Iran to renew the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) of nuclear deals according to the United Nation Security Council. So the U.S providing good arms and advanced weaponry system to the Syrian Free Army to create conspiracy and rebellion against Iran and thus America will fight Iran indirectly. As a result, The United State will force Iran to accept American demands to sign a new nuclear agreement for America.

What is the role of Russia between the U.S and Iran fight?

Russia plays an important role between Iran and America fights such as The Russian army provided army support to Iran and Russia also share that intelligence that is not good for Iran stand. Russia also gives help by providing advanced weaponry system.

  • Russia Decided to Deliver S-400 Missile System to Iran.  Russia took a bold step and they can deliver the S-400 Missile system to anyone in upcoming days.
  • Sharing their that intelligence that is very important for Iran because Iran has very less ability to spy as compare to America.
  • Providing Air roots and sea roots for spying U.S secret port.

The relationship between Russia and Iran is good while America is not good. Russia steady gives support to Iran against any a strict step that is taken by President Trump

Can Russia give support to further countries?

Russia finalizes the deal with Turkey for giving S-400 Missile defence system While America steady threatened to Turkey for withdrawing the plan for buying S-400 defence missile system from Russia.

Turkey President Tayyab Erdogan said "Turkey will never withdraw the plan for buying S-400 Missile defense system from Russia", America doing things what he wants but Turkey will never leave. This is an interesting move for everyone in the upcoming months.
Imran Khan visit Russia for next-level development president Valdmir Putin has decided to give an invitation to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to visit Russia in September for making next-level development and starting new trade business between both countries 
In the 80s United State of America launched a war in Afghanistan against dismantling the Soviet Union with the support of the Afghan Taliban's. But in the current era, everything is changed because today Russia supports Taliban's against America and anti-Taliban forces are dearest of the USA. The concept of necessity is exercised more explicitly by superpowers. 

Why America target Primarily Muslim Countries?

 Most people do not know that a huge variety of natural resources were found in America but in fact, it is not enough for America to run the country. So America buys oil from other countries. In the list of countries substantially are Muslim.

America creates conspiracy and rebellion against them and captures the natural resources. such as the U.S intelligence agency CIA work against Iran and as a result, Iraq annihilates by America due to conspiracy and rebellion. And now they also try to capture Iran because Iran have a huge amount of natural resources. So Iran enhance the capacity of uranium to develop advanced nuclear weapons that's why America maximize the pressure and put strict sanctions on Iran.

The New World Order(NWO) is one of the other reason for target Muslim countries because Israel wants to launch a new religious concept the basis on Jerusalem. NWO is introduced by Israel and NWO is completly against Muslim doctrine. So Muslim world especially Pakistan will never vote for bringing NWO concept into the world So Muslim Countries especially Pakistan create obstacles against Israel to bringing New World Order in to the World 

How many countries take part if war begins between the U.S and Iran

Only those countries take part in war face to face that they have nuclear power but other countries give support not face to face because they have a fear to face restrictions by powerful countries. So they want to stay neutral.

  • America, Israel and India stand on the same page. Both countries have same thoughts against the Muslim World. Both countries already create conspiracy and rebellions against them for annihilate. Both countries Intelligence agencies work together for destabilization such as Iraq annihilate by American Intelligence agency CIA and Israel agency Mossad

  • But on the other side if war begins between the U.S and Iran. Russia gives support to Iran directly or indirectly. Because Russia always took a step against America. The Muslim World also gives support to Iran but we, not conformally said that UAE gives support. Because of the relationship between the UAE and Iran is not good. Pakistan steady trying to make a better relationship between them

  • Those countries that cannot fight a war face to face because they cannot fight face to face they have not nuclear power. They will try to choose that side which is strong and can get good conclusions. So this kind of countries will never say face to face that our support is only for yours

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