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Can Turkey menace America by Russian S-400 Missile System

Can Turkey menace America by Russian S-400 Missile System. America is afraid about Turkey to deal for buying Russian S-400 defence missile system. Because if Turkey admits the S-400 missile system into own air defence they will be more strong. So America faces difficulties to control the establishment of Turkey government. America is afraid of someone who grabbed power. That’s why the U.S put sanctions on those countries that they work hard to respond against America

Can Turkey menace America by Russian S-400 Missile System
Can Turkey menace America by Russian S-400 Missile System 

Does Turkey Receive one shift of Russian S-400 Defence Missile System?

Turkey receives one part of Russian S-400 air defence missile system in Ankara on July 12, 2019, Ankara is the capital of Turkey. Russian military defence decided to send further equipment in future after establishment properly of one S-400 part. America is not happy due to turkey step to buying Russian made air defence missile system. America pressurize the turkey to withdrawing the deals with Russia for buying S-400 Air defence missile system

  • Russia already finalises the deal with Turkey for giving S-400 Missile defence system. while America continuously threatened to Turkey for withdrawing the plan for buying S-400 defence missile system from Russia but turkey president Tayyab  Erdogan said: " Turkey will never withdraw the plan for buying S-400 Missile defence system from Russia".  America doing things what he wants but Turkey will never leave. This is an interesting move for everyone in the upcoming months.

  • Turkish Defense Ministry stated that further equipment will be received in future. And also said, Turkey received the current S-400 equipment on Murtid Airbase. According to the source, Russia delivered a further 120 anti-aircraft missile of various types in summer, by sea

  • According to the source, Turkish S-400 missile system operators will be going to Russia for getting the training on how to operate. The operators will be going in July and August for training. Up to 20 Turkish operators already went to Russian training Center for training in May and June, according to the source

What is the U.S reaction of Turkey achievement?

The U.S will anger on Turkey achievement. America already tried to cancel the deal between Russia and Turkey. That's why they warned to Turkey if Erdogan going to buying S-400 air defence missile system, So they should be ready to face the U.S sanctions. At the response, Tayyab Erdogan said "Turkey no setback in the deal with Russia and if America doing some aggression. The Turkish government will retaliate against the U.S sanctions"

Can America Afraid due to Russia Interference in Iran
Can America Afraid due to Russia Interference in Iran
Deal Cancelation:  Turkey already signed an agreement with America for buying 100 U.S F35 fighter jets. America already gives a sign to the President of Turkey if they, not a setback in a deal with Russia for buying S-400 defense missile system. They should be ready to face sanctions or other U.S actions. President Tayyip Erdogan stated that after attending a meeting in past months with American President Donald Trump that he believes the United Stated will not wring sanctions. 

Economic Sanctions:The U.S already create conspiracy and rebellion to destabilize the Turkish Economy. That's why Turkish Lira will suffer due to United State Sanctions in the past few months. And now they will ready to increase further sanctions in the next few days. President Donald Trump will wring strict economic sanctions on the Turkish economy, So Turkey will face US anger due to rejection of setback in a deal for buying S-400 system

Establishment Destabilization: The Intelligence agency of America and Israel already want to shout down the Erdogan government. They already tried to shout down but they failed. When the Turkey Army rebelled against Tayyab Erdogan government due to US conspiracy. But the people of Turkey fell down under the army tank for saved the Erdogan government. The U.S continuously trying for destabilization the Erdogan government. So they reduce the value of Turkish lira for showing the negative impact of Erdogan government in People of Turkey. That's why President Tayyab Erdogan lost the current election in Istambul city

On 11 July 2019, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper call his Turkish partner, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, to talk about Turkey's receipt of the Russian S-400 Air Defense Missile System, In this discussion, they talk about Pentagon could officially suspend Turkey from an interest in the F-35 program by and large .

What is Turkey step for making next-level development?

Turkey needs to reduce US anger. After US rejection of setback in a deal with Russia for buying S-400 Air defense missile system, President Trump gives a strict response to President Erdogan that they doing a stupidity to rejection of setback in a deal with Russia. That's why Turkey needs to reduce the anger of the US if they want to go forward to making next-level development. Because Turkey required to avoid or handle the U.S Sanctions for move forward

  • Sending quickly Turkish operators into the Russian training centre for operating S-400 air defense missile system as soon as possible because if President Trump failed to control the anger and take some critical steps against them and annihilates on Turkey. So Turkey need to defend and retaliate if the operator of the S-400 missile system failed to operate or have a lack of knowledge, as a result, Turkey will be defeated 

  • Forget all previous issues and trying to make good relation with the US and also make further good links with Russia for making next-level development. Make further good relationship in the trade business of Nuclear arms. Reduce the misunderstanding between both countries and share advance technology for moving forward.

  • Reduce the economic crisis due to increasing the value of the Turkish lira. America and Israel put efforts to destabilize the economy of Turkey. Recently the U.S give a sign to put economic sanction after Turkey received a shipment of S-400 air defense missile system. Turkey needs to handle the situation and moves forward for stabilizing the economy

Why America target especially Muslim Countries?

Most people do not know that a huge variety of natural resources were found in America but in fact, it is not enough for America to run the country. So America buys oil from other countries. In the list of countries substantially are Muslim.

Muslim World
Muslim World

America creates conspiracy and rebellion against them and captures the natural resources. such as the U.S intelligence agency CIA work against Iran and as a result, Iraq annihilates by America due to conspiracy and rebellion. And now they also try to capture Iran because Iran have a huge amount of natural resources. So Iran enhance the capacity of uranium to develop advanced nuclear weapons that's why America maximize the pressure and put strict sanctions on Iran.

The New World Order(NWO) is one of the other reason for target Muslim countries because Israel wants to launch a new religious concept the basis on Jerusalem. NWO is introduced by Israel and NWO is completly against Muslim doctrine. So Muslim world especially Pakistan will never vote for bringing NWO concept into the world. That's why Muslim Countries especially Pakistan create obstacles against Israel to bringing New World Order in to the World 

America is a hub of conspiracy creation against the Muslim world. A couple of Intelligence agency such as Mossad, CIA and Raw work together for the same task and that is how to annihilates the Muslim world. While all is failed to annihilate them like America fight a war against Afghan Taliban up to 30years long time in Afghanistan. The US failed to get the victory against them but the US never accept officially. Now they want help from Pakistan to solve the Issues by dialogue. America is afraid by the quick development of the Muslim world such as Pakistan developed a 5th generation fighter jet

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