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Championship Collapse: Brazilian striker Adriano left Spartak

Championship Collapse: Brazilian striker Adriano left Spartak. Brazilian striker Luiz Adriano left Moscow Spartak. The new club of the 32-year-old forward was Palmeiras

Championship Collapse: Brazilian striker Adriano left  Spartak
Championship Collapse: Brazilian striker Adriano left  Spartak

Brazilian striker Luiz Adriano left Moscow Spartak. The new club of the 32year-old forward was Palmeiras. According to media reports, Adriano retired from the red-and-whites for free.

After the departure of one of the best midfielders of the Russian Premier League (RPL) in terms of the number and accuracy of broadcasts, Fernando Spartak Moscow left another Brazilian. July 30, it became known that the red and white broke up with their star striker Luiz Adriano. His career 32-year-old striker will continue in one of the most successful clubs in Brazil and in combination with the country's most titled team, Palmeiras. On the transfer of Adriano said the press service of the green-and-white.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, however, according to ESPN, the Brazilian went to Palmeiras for free - as a free agent. Thus, Adriano broke the contract with Spartak, which was calculated until July 2020.

  • In the Moscow club, they wished the Brazilian good luck in his future career, and also thanked for the time spent in the team, together with which he became the champion of Russia and the owner of the Super Bowl of the country.

  • Spartak thanks the player for his contribution to the victories of recent years and wishes success in the new club. All the best, Adri! ”- said in a statement published on the site of red and white.

  • It is noted that Adriano has signed a four-year contract with the current champion of Brazil. The forward himself has already managed to turn to the Palmeiras fans, thanking them for their words of support.

  • “Fans of Palmeiras, thanks for all the messages and the warm welcome. I am very glad that I could agree with such a great club. The goals that the Palmeiras set for themselves are close to me. I come here to show the maximum of my capabilities, as well as to win new trophies, ”the press service of green-and-white quotes Adriano.

  • At the same time, the Brazilian also addressed the red-and-whites fans, as did, for example, the same Fernando, who left for the Chinese “Guizhan Guoan,” who published a touching video in which he and his wife called “Spartacus” their family and expressed regret with the fact that he and the club had to part. Adriano's transfer is also noteworthy because before the start of the season he set himself the task of not only competing with the team for titles but also becoming the top scorer of the championship.

  • “In my plans for the next season - to become the top scorer of the championship, and as for the team - to win as many matches as possible. To enter the field and always give all the best to the maximum, ”the press service of Spartak quotes Adriano.

This season the Brazilian has already managed to distinguish himself. He left one goal scored in the match of the 2nd round of the Russian championship against Rostov when he scored a penalty. And, as it turned out, the latter.

Talk about the possible departure of Adriano began during the last season, but the matter did not come to concrete negotiations. It is known that another Brazilian club Flamengo was seriously interested in the attacker this summer. According to the Internet portal Goal, the management team from Rio de Janeiro even offered “Spartak” a small amount of compensation, but the parties could not agree on a personal contract with the player. In Moscow, Adriano earned about € 4 million a year, but in Flamengo, they were not ready to temper the striker’s financial appetites.

In Brazil, the 32-year-old striker will not be bored. Together with him, Ekaterina Dorozhko, his companion from Russia, with whom Adriano began his relationship about a year ago, will go to the largest country in South America.

“I answer everyone at once - we fly away together. Stop writing to me that our tale is over. Everything is just beginning here! ”Dorozko wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Spartak will not be bored either. True, the Muscovites before the fun at the moment far. With the departure of Adriano, the red-whites not only lost another player from the championship team (earlier this summer, Denis Glushakov, Dmitry Kombarov, Zé Luis and Salvatore Bokketti left the club, which led the team to the long-awaited title), but also an important attacking link.

Now, in the team application of Oleg Kononov for the season, a total of nine players remained in the offensive line, only two of whom played for the base - Esekel Ponce and Georgy Melkadze. The rest - Ilya Golyatov, Svyatoslav Kozhedub, Silvanus Nimeli, Alexander Rudenko, Idris Sambu and Tiub Tierno, along with the 17-year-old pupil of the Academy Aslan Mutaliyev - most likely will not move further than Spartak-2. With whom Kononov intends to solve problems for this season - it is unclear. At the moment, "Spartak" is located only on the tenth line in the standings of the championship of Russia, having won one victory in three matches, incidentally playing a draw and suffering one defeat.

On the other hand, the club made an obvious step after parting with The Luis. Earlier, when Quincy Promes spoke for Spartak, a bunch of the Dutch winger, along with The Luis and Luis Adriano, was considered one of the best in Russia. With the departure of each of the players, the efficiency of the attacking line of the red-and-whites plummeted.

This was especially true for Adriano, who interacted well with Ze Luis, but with the departure of the Cabo-man at Porto, the 32-year-old Brazilian realized that he would not be able to bring more Spartak. With his departure, the task for the novice Muscovite Esequiel Ponce was also simplified.
Both players are pronounced central forwards, but because of this, they could not appear on the field together. Kononov resolved this issue in an original, but irrational, way by simply shifting the Argentine striker to the flank, from which he was a little confused. Now Ponce will take his usual position.

  • At the same time, the attack flanks of Spartak look completely unarmed. Kononov has Georgiy Melkadze and Alexander Tashaev at his disposal, but neither can gain a foothold in the base. Alexander Lomovitsky, who ultimately signed the lease agreement with Arsenal in Tula, did not succeed either. Now the most pronounced wingers of Spartak are Zelimkhan Bakayev and Resiuan Mirzov acquired this summer from Rostov. It is difficult to say how suitable they are for performing serious tasks. However, these candidates cause at the moment only doubts, as the whole team as a whole.

  • In this regard, the leadership of the red-and-whites deliberately work not only with transfers to the exit, but also to make acquisitions. Some of the most likely, according to several media reports, is the lease with the compulsory buyback of the German forward of Borussia Dortmund Andre Shyurrle, as well as the purchase of the forward Norrköping Jordan Larsson, son of the famous ex-Barcelona player Henrik Larsson. They are considered precisely on the position of flank attackers.

  • However, the transfer campaign of “Spartacus” would not be considered from the point of scepticism if it had been held back in June. It turns out that the team of Oleg Kononov held a full collection during the summer off-season with one team, and included in the season with another. So, the camp of the red and whites have already left eight players. Now Spartak did what it should have done in the 2017/18 season when the team was led by Massimo Carrera. How Kononov will build in his gaming model — if there is one at all — novices who still have to be officially signed is unknown. At the same time, “Spartak” is in the queue not only for a number of the most difficult matches in the RPL - against Dynamo, CSKA and Zenit- but also a start in the qualifying round of the Europa League. The staffing problems of the red-and-whites do not allow to be even sure that the team will be able to cope with the modest Swiss “Thun”.

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Adriano Passion

One of the main squander of his talent in modern football, Brazilian Adriano continues to appear on the front pages of the scandalous chronicle. This time, having gone to his homeland,.

The only passions of the once formidable forward "Inter" in recent years - this is entertainment and women. And for this he is ready to send football far away, forgetting that it is thanks to this game that he can afford to live that way.

Cost Adriano briefly taxied to his homeland, as he immediately got another girlfriend. This time, she became a local sex bomb. And the girl looks amazing, but she dances so that you can watch her for hours.

 even with joy, made Adriano tattooed on her body. However, it is not believed that this novel will have some continuation.

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