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FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was attacked in Ibiza

FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was attacked in Ibiza. Holidays from Barcelona and the Argentina national team Lionel Messi, who was on vacation in Ibiza

FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was attacked in Ibiza
FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was attacked in Ibiza

Holidays from Barcelona and the Argentina national team Lionel Messi, who was on vacation in Ibiza, was the victim of an attack. On the video that has appeared on the Internet, the guard is blocking the path of a man trying to pounce on the five-time winner of the Golden Ball.

An unknown person tried to attack the forward of “Barcelona” and the national team of Argentina Lionel Messi in Ibiza.

At the party, Leo slightly provoked another visitor of the event - on the video posted on social networks, it is noticeable how the intervention of the guards prevents the outbreak of conflict.

  • The 32-year-old is currently on vacation, which runs until July 31, with his family and friends. Otherworld football stars Cesc Fabregas, Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez rest on the island with Leo.

  • And although the Catalans have already begun to prepare for the season - 2019/2020, Messi was given an extra couple of weeks to recover from America's Cup, where the albiseleste players took bronze medals, and Lionel himself caused a resonant conflict.

First, the football player after the semi-finals with Brazil (0: 2) broke out with criticism of the judges at America's Cup and the South American Confederation of Football (CONMEBOL), which, according to Leo, is mired in corruption.

  • “The arbitrator has never accessed the VAR system (video help arbitrators), this is incredible. When we broke the rules, the judge gave yellow cards, the opponents who committed fouls did not receive them. At this America's Cup, we were tired of the stupid penalty, but the VAR system was not used.

  • They did not excel us in the game. We should not look for excuses, but we need to analyze the situation, and I hope that the South American Confederation of Football will take some measures. It seems that Brazil controls everything, ”the captain of Argentina did not hide his disappointment.

  • And then, in the match with Chile (2: 1), Leo was removed for a skirmish with midfielder rival Gary Medell - in protest, Messi simply ignored the award ceremony.

  • Subsequently, Lionel apologized to CONMEBOL. The corresponding letter from the five-time holder of the Golden Ball to the organization's ethics committee was sent by the Argentine Football Association (AFA). The statement said that allegations of corruption in the organization were made against the background of a stressful situation. It is also noted that Messi did not mean a single member of the South American Confederation of Football, when he said this.

  • And while the organization is considering a possible tightening of punishment for a football star, Messi was fined $1,500 and denied the right to take part in the next match of the national team.

  • As for the incidents involving attacks on athletes, last week two similar incidents shook the world of Russian sports.

Since July 27, the ex-champion of Russia and the CIS on kickboxing Sergey Karpenko was found dead on the embankment of the Moika River in St. Petersburg. It was noted that the son of the kickboxer had declared his father missing a week ago: Sergei was last seen alive on July 23.

As a result, on Saturday evening, the body of the athlete was found in the river opposite house number 124 with a gunshot wound to the head.

On the fact of the incident being checked.

Sergey Karpenko took the gold of the CIS kickboxing championship in 1991. In 1992, he won the championship of Russia and the Armed Forces. A year later, Karpenko made his way to the European Championship. In 1992-1997, Sergey played for the German club “Kikboxshule-Berlin”, with whom he became the champion of Berlin and the winner of the German Cup, and in 2000, the athlete linked his life with coaching activities.

And shortly before that, the attacker of the Avangard hockey club of the Night hockey league of Tambov from Russia Nikita Voropaev became a participant in the deadly fight in Tambov. The incident happened at one of the bars in the city centre.

The 27-year-old athlete stood up for the girl and in the course of the fight, he received several strong blows to the head from a 21-year-old opponent.

FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was attacked in Ibiza
FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi was attacked in Ibiza
  • Despite the damage to health, Voropaev reached home on his own, but after a couple of days, the athlete was taken to hospital with a haemorrhage in the brain and numerous fractures of the skull bones. A few weeks after this young hockey player spent in a coma. Relatives and friends of the athlete fought for the life of Nikita, collecting money for an expensive operation.

  • Voropaev died on the very day when the required amount was already in the account.

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FC Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi is one of the adidas' main assets.

How street fashion affects big football and vice versa, why David Beckham is the most courageous football player, how Messi-designer works, and how men's football differs from women's football, Gazeta.Ru talked about this and many other things with two vice-presidents of Adidas.

"There are two types of players ... and Messi "

We met with Dean Locks, vice president of product Adidas football, at the company's headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany.

- Sports shoes are now at the peak of popularity. Sneakers have long ceased to be just shoes for sports and have become shoes for everything in the world: they even get married and go to the Golden Globe. And the style of a particular model now often comes out on top. But how to find a balance between a spectacular appearance and technology, if we are talking about football boots - professional shoes, which do not walk the streets?

- Actually, this is a key question. I think the moment when they began to impose all these requirements on sports shoes actually changed our industry. We have long understood that technological innovation alone is not enough. We need to give people something that will allow them to look great and feel great. That is life. The product itself must be beautiful and spectacular. That is exactly what the consumer request is for today. Aesthetics are as important as functionality. And we try to satisfy this request.

- The last bold step of Adidas is the creation of boots without laces, which greatly influenced their appearance and functionality. Why was this so important?

- We always try to offer something fundamentally new: in design, materials or parts. This particular invention came about through customer feedback. We were often asked a question: is it possible to create boots that would not have laces at all? Players believe that this would help them to take the ball control to a new level, to give more accurate passes, etc. But it was impossible to implement this idea before inventing such material as Primeknit.

- Are you yourself a football fan?

- To the core! I support Manchester United for many years.

- adidas had a lot of iconic boots that went down in history. Like the Predators who played David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane. But not so long ago, the brand abandoned today's popular idea to cultivate history in the football boots segment and focused only on new developments. Why?

- It is always a matter of choice. For example, I also love some things in past years. Just at some point, we decided not to make any more changes to the old lines, but to make room for new concepts. Now we are working only on three lines: Ace, X and Messi. And what will happen then, who knows? (Smiles)

  • - The basis of this system is the philosophy that there are players who create chaos on the field, and those who take control of the game. Can we say that it reflects the essence of modern football?

  • - Exactly. We discussed this issue with several famous coaches, with fans, with football players. And they came to the conclusion that there are two types of players. Those who do not allow the situation to get out of control, order the game. And some create moments and can change the course of the match, who do something unpredictable. It's like two different mentalities, two different roles. And then there is Lionel Messi, who does not fit into any classification. He is special.

- How difficult is it to create boots with players such as Messi? How demanding are such consumers?
  • - My answer is this: it is both a great honour and a big responsibility. What we create has to work at the highest level. And the players should be comfortable, they should feel confident. So that these things are no worse than those that they had before, to which they were accustomed.

  • For example, the work on the Messi name line is constructed as follows. Our team develops the overall concept of the collection, then we present our idea to Lionel. He actually actively participates in work at all stages from the selection of materials to the testing of prototypes. After all, the point is not to create things exclusively for sale, which simply will bear his name. They should be suitable for him and other people. Messi definitely has his own vision in design issues, he has his own passions - for example, he likes light boots. Therefore, we need to create such boots that would weigh little, but at the same time allowed Messi to create on the field, showing off all his signature feints.

  • - They say that people have long understood how to create the perfect car, it just doesn't make sense. Is it possible to create perfect boots?

  • - In my opinion, this is an endless journey (smiles). Now we have achieved a certain result: we have created absolutely functional shoes suitable for playing at the highest level without laces. But there is always something that can be improved. This is the present. But the future is still somewhere ahead.

  • - Do you think street fashion for sneakers somehow influences the soccer boots industry? 

- Directly. And today this influence is stronger than it was 10 years ago. Therefore, brand philosophy is to provide people with advanced things for sports and for other activities. Take at least a successful collaboration with Kanye West. And, of course, technologies like Primeknit are used in both soccer shoes and running shoes for running and everyday life.

  • - Is there a difference in the way men and women play football, at least in terms of equipment?

  • - We conduct a lot of research in this area. In fact, the female leg is quite different from the male: it is smaller, the rise, the method of setting on the surface and flexibility are also different. So the possibilities for equipment manufacturers seem to be evident. In this case, we see a lot of girls who buy goods for guys. And they want to buy them. This trend exists all over the world. In fact, in terms of biomechanics, anyone can wear any shoes. So girls, in any case, is not contraindicated to wear men's sneakers. Just if you want even the smallest nuances to work for you, you need to take into account all the details.

  • "Beckham - the first who had the courage to reduce fashion and football"

  • “I have been a fan of Liverpool since the 90s,” said Sam Handy, vice president of design at Adidas football, who had recently been in charge of Originals. - Then there was just a great team. - If you ask me if I look now, who plays what, I will answer that I always looked at it. This does not prevent me from enjoying football. I like to see the boots I worked on in the best championships, to watch people score goals in them. But something really changed after my joining the football department: when you have such a job, you begin to monitor not just a specific team or championship, but football in general. Now I watch a lot more different tournaments.

  • - You used to work on Originals clothes and shoes, which relate more to everyday life and street fashion than to sports. How has this experience influenced your current job?

  • - All my previous professional experience related to the world of fashion and lifestyle shoes. Of course, I brought a lot from there to what I do now. It is very interesting to observe how the world interacts with each other on the football field and beyond. As for the current work itself, the team that deals with scientific development at Adidas does its job perfectly. It is necessary, however, that the stories that stand behind our things are understandable to people. That is what the design is responsible for. There are some nuances. For example, in the Originals line, there are legendary Superstar sneakers with almost 50 years of history. It is clear that having a thing with such a background, you have something to tell. Designers to a lesser extent produce the shoe itself and, to a greater extent, stories about it.

  • We are less responsible for technological innovations, as they are developed by the relevant department. Our job as designers is to translate these innovations into a beautiful product. This is a definite challenge. Whatever we come up with, we must be sure that, first of all, shoes fit well on their feet, which is convenient in them. Otherwise, it is all meaningless. Personally, I like our new shoes without laces look very simple at first glance. We worked hard on this.

  • In fact, “fashion” is not quite the right word for us. Rather, it is about design and style, because in the case of football you need to create something timeless. For example, these boots without laces began to be created two years ago. They do not express any fashionable idea. Rather, it is a story about how those who play it imagine football. At the same time, people still want to get a product that would look like cool shoes.

  • - Which of the players would you call the most stylish?

- Wow, good question. I think I should mention several people at once. But if we talk about the very-very in terms of style, then this, of course, David Beckham. He was the first to have the courage to bring together the world of fashion and the world of football. And he still remains an extremely significant figure. There are others, such as Zidane - very cool, very stylish, self-confident - and at the same time amazing players. Mesut Ozil also one of them.

  • - How do you, from the position of a designer, think that footballers often seek to further decorate their shoes: write children's names or your own, dates or some kind of motto?

- I think it's great. People want to be themselves and on the field too, they want to tell their stories. I believe that the personalization of things is the future of design. When you create a product, you must pledge there the opportunity for the future owner to change the thing at his discretion. Personally, I like to see people change our things for themselves.

- Not everyone likes the fact that football is becoming more glamorous. Some people miss the old days. What can you answer them?
- I think football primarily exists for people. And everyone can find in it something for themselves. Football is his fans. This sport is a part of the culture, it is rather a story about passion than about the results of the highest order. In the match of two children's teams on the street, there is as much football as in the battle of 22 guys with a big salary in the Champions League. And this is his beauty.

- Can you remember a couple of interesting stories from working together with the same Messi or someone else from the top players?
- Not sure that at least some of them can be told (smiles).

- Then tell me, do you, as a designer, find it interesting to discuss style issues with football players?
- Of course, like any other topics that interest them. This is not only style but also many technological moments. Who better than players can tell, for example, about which part of the boot has the greatest load? All this helps us to do our job better.

You can get acquainted with other materials, news and statistics on the page of world football, as well as in groups of the sports department on social networks Facebook and VKontakte.

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