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India ready to Buying 114 Fighter Jets For 15 Billions US Dollars

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India ready to Buying 114 Fighter Jets For 15 Billions US Dollars. India continuously work for enhance the capacity of military weapons they also enhance the capability of Indian Air Force after getting up big loss on 27 February 2019 by Pakistan air Force. so so India is ready for buying 114 fighter jets with new advanced technology from America the cost of aircraft is 15 billion US dollar and this is giving an opportunity for them to taking Indian air Force for next level development. India already finalised a deal with Russia for buying Raffle aircraft

India ready to Buying 114 Fighter Jets For 15 Billions US Dollars
India ready to Buying 114 Fighter Jets For 15 Billions US Dollars

Anybody know every country work secretly on nuclear asset so they never tell how many many nuclear asset he have so we can not say Russia does not involve in the arm race while we need to say every nuclear country that have nuclear asset involve in the arm race like recently Iran decided to enhancement the Nuclear weapons capacity although America maximize the pressure on Iran to withdraw a plan for enhance Nuclear weapons but Iran openly disagree about Nuclear sanction he decided to buy S-400 defence missile system through Russia

India going next level to inviting offers for the buy of 114 Air Crafts, at present in the world's biggest agreement in play, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi tries to enhance the capacity of the nation's military weapons and replace a old generation Aircrafts

The arrangement - esteemed at more than $15 billion - has pulled in starting ideas from worldwide defence majors, Sweden's Saab AB,  including Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin Corp, In any event 85% of production must be in India, according to an agreement that Narendra Modi signed more than a year back.

India ready to Buying 114 Fighter Jets For 15 Billions US Dollars
India ready to Buying 114 Fighter Jets For 15 Billions US Dollars

Taking a Indian defence arms for next level development is critical for Modi, who hardly signed any new real arms bargains during his first term, even reduce a threat from China and Pakistan loomed. A Pakistani F-16  shout down a maturing Soviet-time MiG 21 - Indian Air Force's backbone - in a dogfight during a military showdown on 27 Feb 2019

India use this aircraft against Pakistan activity basically India is buying fighter jet for fighting a war against Pakistan. India once again ready to create new conspiracy and billion against Pakistan after getting a big failure during the dogfight on 27 Feb 2019. After get a big loss Narendra Modi give statement about Indian Air Force he stated that "if India have a Russian Raffle aircraft for a dogfight against Pakistan, may be possible we will get a different result.

Israel and Indian Intelligence Agency RAW and Mossad  continuously work together for creating conspiracy against Pakistan. In recently India get a big setback by America. Because U.S calls
BLA(Balochistan Liberation Army) a Banned Organisation  for its Terrorist activities in Balochistan, Pakistan "It's indeed a positive step forward by the Security Institutions of America by Banning a Terrorist organisation BLA who target the innocent people and working for RAW, Creating Conspiracy and rebellion against Pakistan.The reality behind the Islamophobics faces is more disturbing. Today Modi's India is bleeding where lynching has become popular weapons by RSSNarendra Modi BLA institution is banned by US Security Council 

After a dogfight between Pakistan and India on 27 February 2019 the moral of Indian Air Force is down. India is badly beaten by Pakistan Air Force during the dogfight.  Pakistan Air Force capture Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan and quickly Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan give order to  Pakistan army, relieve Indian soldier as a peace gesture. So they taking a bold step to build up a moral of Indian Air Force and fight back to against Pakistan so they taking a step for Indian Air Force for next level development.

Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan
Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan

India continuously create propaganda and make India's people is fools that he is doing very well against Pakistan but internationally India's fully exposed because anybody know India get a big failure during a dogfight between Pakistan but India will never accept own failure openly that, directly or indirectly Narendra Modi accepted he lost the dogfight against Pakistan so Indian air Force  buying new technology with new Fighter jets and this is giving an opportunity for them to have a next level development

Pakistan also enhance the capacity for more to have next level development. Pakistan already have a 4.5 generation Aircrafts and he will ready to make 5th generation Fighter jets. Mostly Pakistan's has already start work on them

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