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India vs Bangladesh : Can Bangladesh Continue Journey For Playing Semi Final

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India vs Bangladesh : Can Bangladesh Continue Journey For Playing Semi Final Overall past cricket performance of Bangladesh is great and appreciate able but in recently they also in form and give good performance in two matches against South Africa and Afghanistan.  Bangladesh defeat South Africa and Afghanistan due to great bowling, fielding and batting effort and good team works. Bangladesh will require to win match against India and Pakistan for qualifying in Cricket World Cup 2019 Semi Final

India vs Bangladesh : Can Bangladesh Continue Journey For Playing Semi Final
India vs Bangladesh : Can Bangladesh Continue Journey For Playing Semi Final

Bangladesh has a great track record against world class cricket teams they have ability to perform well in difficult situation like giving good performance against South Africa bowler and New Zealand.  Bangladesh also have a great track record against Afghanistan and IndiaIndia vs Bangladesh match decided the Pakistan and Bangladesh future in semi final in ICC World Cup 2019. Because if Bangladesh won both of two match the door of Semi Final open for qualifying in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Semi Final

The current performance of Bangladesh is very great but it is not enough for setting the victory track Bangladesh need to win two matches more if he want to qualify the semi final of ICC World Cup 2019 against India and Pakistan firstly India vs Bangladesh match play an important role for qualifying in semi final because Bangladesh need to win this match with highest run rate. because run rate is very important for qualify in CWC19 Semi Final round

Not only enough for Bangladesh, winning the cricket match against India for enter in semi final round of  ICC World Cup 2019 because they also need to win the match against Pakistan but it is also not enough because Pakistan and Bangladesh need to wait England or New Zealand cricket match lost. India vs Bangladesh match is a key match for qualifying in cricket world cup 2019 semi final

It is not easy to defeat India in cricket match because India is very mature team and have a key player that change the face of match. Like Virat Kholi and MS Dhoni They have a good spinner like Chahal and they also have a great batsman that perform well like Rohit Sharma and they have ability to give tough time against any team and also defeat them due to great batting technique

In recently they give tough time to whole team and win 5 match out of 9 Cricket Match. They also have capability for winning the Cricket World Cup 2019 because India is a strong candidate of CWC 2019 . Bangladesh face difficulty to win the cricket match against World class teams while  India win  already 5 cricket  of World Cup 2019 match due to great  Performance But Bangladesh  have a great capability to win the match against  India

need to put full effort in India vs Bangladesh cricket match because we can not think that India is a weak team Indian captain Virat Kholi stated that" we cannot take Bangladesh bowler lightly because they have a good spinner that have ability to give outclass performance and they also have ability to give big upset against any team Bangladesh also have a great Batsman"

Captain Shakib Al Hassan sad Bangladesh team need to put whole focus on India vs Bangladesh cricket match for qualifying in cricket world cup 2019 semi final then we will focus next game against Pakistan cricket match because Pakistan cricket match also important for qualifying Semi Final round

The Head Coach Steve Rhodes stated that " All player will trying to give better performance against India like, performance against New Zealand and South Africa they also stated that we have a capability to win the world cup but we need to focus all three fielding, batting and bowling department they also sad we need to reduce the mistake in fielding department

The chance of Bangladesh team to Semi Final is fair. According to current performance in ICC World Cup 2019 they have a great capability to win CWC 2019 cup but before qualifying they need to win both two matches against India and Pakistan , than wait for New Zealand or England match lost in league matches

Why Bangladesh will Win

It is possible India vs Bangladesh cricket match play an important role for qualifying semi final round because Bangladesh need to win this cricket match if he want to play a next round, they also need to win the cricket match against Pakistan  and wait for the loss of England or New Zealand in League Match

The formal cricketer Mashrafe Mortaza , Mohammad Ashraful,  said," Team Bangladesh is one of the best team in the world that have ability to won ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 because they have a great batsman like Shakib Al Hassan,Mushfiqur Rahim and the current performance is very well and highest wicket taking bowler. Before a World cup performance of  some bowler  is very disappointed but after joining the world cup the performance of is totally changed and now he consider a good wicket taking bowler in CWC19

The International Cricket Star Ricky Ponting stated that, " Bangladesh is a good cricket team in to the world nobody can predict eaisly. New Zealand cricketer Brendon Mccullum stated that "Team Bangladesh are those team that defeated any world class team and defeated by one of the biggest weakest team of the world

Why India will Win

Indian batsman get the great training by playing IPL matches . So they training of Indian  batsman for batting is very well that's why they have ability to win the match and may be possible they know's the weakness of  Competitor Players. The players of India is very mature as compare to Bangladesh Players 

They have a good spinner like Chahal, Chahal bowl very well against Batsman they already give brilliant performance in Pakistan vs Afghanistan league matches. In this match they bowl a good spell against Pakistan. Pakistan batsman face difficulties to play a against them

They win already two times cricket world cup and now they are the strong candidate for ICC World Cup 2019 if they won the match against Bangladesh  they easily qualify in Semi Final round so they have no pressure to qualify in Semi Final round so they play this match without pressure while Team Bangladesh have some pressure because they need to won it for qualify the ICC World Cup 2019 next round

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