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Iran Can Take Revenge: the secret tests of Israel and the US

Iran Can Take Revenge: the secret tests of Israel and the United States In 2019, the risks of preserving the Iranian nuclear deal are much more serious

Iran Can Take Revenge: the secret tests of Israel and the US
Iran Can Take Revenge: the secret tests of Israel and the US

In 2019, the risks of preserving the Iranian nuclear deal are much more serious, and there are enough prerequisites for escalating the conflict. This conclusion was reached in the new report of the International Crisis Group

The report is timed to the third anniversary of the implementation of the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan” - a political agreement between Iran and the United States, Russia, France, China and the United Kingdom regarding a nuclear program.

The report's authors argue that Iran is unlikely to refuse from a nuclear deal without any friction. In May 2018, US President Donald Trump announced a decision to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal, after which he reintroduced sanctions against Tehran. Despite Washington’s statement, Iran continues to abide by the terms of the deal.

Experts believe that Iran will then seek to hurt the United States, and military funds will likely be used for this.

“Iran wants to put the burden of blame directly on the US. The Iranians are quite confident that they will be able to stay afloat until 2021, ”said Ali Warez, Director of the ICG Iran Project.

Meanwhile, the fulfilment of the terms of the contract by Iran after the US withdrawal "has actually improved," inspectors state. Partly because Iran does not want to give the United States reasons for action. Against the background of Washington’s release, other participants in the deal are desperately trying to keep the Iranian nuclear deal afloat, the newspaper notes.

However, if in 2020 some democrat comes to power in the United States after the presidential election, Trump will still be more difficult to return to, then it seems, the material says.

Israel conducted secret missile defense tests in Alaska:
  • Israel, together with the United States, conducted tests of the Hetz-3 anti-missile system in Alaska, said the Prime Minister of the Jewish state, Benjamin Netanyahu. He stressed that the interceptor missile hit the ballistic missiles "outside the atmosphere at unprecedented speeds." A joint Israeli-American development is designed to fight Iran.

  • Joint tests of the anti-missile system of Israel and the USA have successfully passed in Alaska. This was stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reports Times of Israel.

“Secret shooting exceeded all imaginable expectations. Hetz-3 successfully intercepted ballistic missiles outside the earth’s atmosphere at previously unseen altitudes and speeds, ”the politician said.

The article notes that the Hets-3 missile defense system (Strela-3 - Gazeta.Ru) is being tested by the Israel Defense Ministry together with the US Missile Defense Agency. It is designed to intercept targets flying in near-Earth space.
As conceived by the designers and the military, this missile defense system should strengthen the "upper echelon" of the Israeli defense. In particular, it must effectively intercept and shoot down the whole range of potential threats, both Iranian ballistic missiles and Palestinian improvised rocket bombs. 
In the shooting was also used American radar AN-TPY 2, which proved the interchangeability of weapons systems of the United States and Israel.

Israel’s missile defense system consists of several echelons of defense. Israeli territory is regularly fired from Gaza. At the beginning of November 2018, the Israel Defense Forces aviation attacked about 150 targets in Gaza since the start of rocket and artillery shelling of Israeli cities by the Hamas group.

The gunmen’s warehouses, the Hamas warship and the building of the headquarters of the Palestinian Islamist movement in the Gaza Strip was under attack by Israeli aircraft.

The Israel Defense Forces counted about 370 missiles and artillery shells that were fired from the Gaza Strip. At the same time, about 100 missiles were intercepted and shot down by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system.

In response to the Israeli air raid, Hamas announced that it would launch a rocket attack on the Israeli cities of Beersheba and Ashdod - if the Israelis continue to attack Gaza.

  • The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has been going on for decades. In 2014, 17 Palestinians died as a result of Israeli attacks on a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, reports NSN.

  • Al-Shujiya’s area east of Gaza was reportedly bombed. First, the artillery bombarded the market located there, one of the shells hit the gas station, as a result of which the fuel tank exploded and caught fire. Later, when residents of the area who had attempted to evacuate the victims had gathered on the spot, the Israeli Air Force struck.

  • In May 2019, representatives of Israel and Palestine concluded a cease-fire agreement after the shelling of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military. According to Reuters, the agreement was reached through the mediation of Egypt.

  • As noted, the parties agreed to "put an end to violence." At the same time, Hamas representatives also confirmed this information.

  • Shortly before this, the Israel Defense Forces attacked about 320 targets in the Gaza Strip in response to 600 rockets fired from there.

  • According to the agency, the Israeli military attacked "terrorist targets" in the Gaza Strip.

The conflict escalated against the backdrop of the approaching holy month of Ramadan and Israeli Independence Day. Also, preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest continued in Tel Aviv:

In addition, Israel and Syria exchange missile strike several times a month. On May 27, Israeli bombers attacked the launcher of the Syrian air defense system — an Israeli plane that had been carrying out a planned peace flight in the north of the country had been shot at earlier, Tel Aviv was told. At the same time, Syria TV reported that the Israeli Air Force launched a series of strikes against the military facilities of the Syrian army in the area of ​​the village of Tel Shaar, located in the province of Quneitra.

One of the key reasons for this “cool” conflict between the two Middle Eastern states is the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights. The territory was captured by Israeli forces in the course of the Six-Day War of 1967.

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US State Secretary Mike Pompeo stated that Iran refused to accept it:

  • US State Secretary Mike Pompeo stated that he wanted to visit Tehran and "talk directly with the Iranian people." He told about it on Twitter.

Iran Can Take Revenge: the secret tests of Israel and the US
Iran Can Take Revenge: the secret tests of Israel and the US

  • However, according to him, the Iranian authorities refused him and did not want to accept him in their country.

  • “The regime did not accept my proposal,” noted Pompeo.

  • He added that the head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Mohammad Javad Zarif, often travels to the United States, where he can "speak freely."

  • In this regard, Pompeo expressed surprise that the head of state, Ali Khamenei, could not do the same for him.

  • He explained this by saying that the leader of Iran might be afraid that his people would hear the “unfiltered and unsharp” truth.

  • Earlier it was reported that Iran is looking for new ways to circumvent US sanctions.

Iran is looking for new ways to circumvent US sanctions

The deputy head of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Abbas Arakchi said that the country is working hard to create new steps that could protect the country from the sanction of the American side in addition to the special INSTAX mechanism. About this reports RIA “News. ”

According to Araki, the department will do everything to find a solution that will work and help Iran get benefits from the lifted sanctions.

As noted, the INSTAX mechanism is already considered one of these solutions.

“It is, however, not working yet, but it is already at the final stage of the launch,” Arakchi added.

Before this, the EU stated that the INSTAX mechanism is available to all EU countries. It is designed to promote legitimate business with Iran.

Earlier it was reported that the United States may impose sanctions against Europe because of Iran.

Countries tried to decide the fate of the delayed tanker in Gibraltar

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that the participants in the meeting on the Iranian nuclear deal in Vienna tried to reach a decision about the detention of the Iranian oil tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar, but could not. Reports about it TASS.

According to him, the discussion of the fate of the tanker took place dynamically, even “in a fighting manner”. However, the discussion was not crowned with success, Ryabkov added.

“In any case, it was useful in terms of clarifying positions,” Ryabkov concluded.

Representatives of the port of Gibraltar, together with the police and the Royal Marines of the British Navy, detained a vessel with crude oil in the early morning of 4 July. They wanted to deliver the cargo of the tanker in the form of two million barrels of raw materials to a refinery in the Syrian city of Bagnas.

Iranian authorities consider the arrest of the vessel illegal. During the detention on supertanker discovered crude oil, which was supposed to deliver to Syria. The vessel’s arrest measure was taken because of the Gibraltar authorities' suspicion of violating EU sanctions against this country.

United States President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron discussed the actions of Iran on the water

  • United States President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron talked about Iran and the threat that allegedly comes from the country on the water. About this reports RIA “News” regarding the statement of the White House.

  • As is known, the heads of the two countries focused their attention on Iran because of the recent incident in the Strait of Hormuz.

  • The White House noted that Trump and Macron discussed the "Iranian threat to merchant shipping." However, no other details are given.

  • Earlier it was reported that Britain will not abandon a nuclear deal with Iran after the seizure of the tanker.

  • The British ship was detained by Iran for "violating international rules", which occurred in connection with the incident between it and the Iranian fishing vessel. It is home to three Russians and another 20 people from Latvia, the Philippines and India. 

The head of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, promised that Iran has vowed to destroy US drones

The head of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, promised that the country's military forces would shoot down all American drones in the sky if they again violated Iranian airspace. Reported by Reuters.

“They will get an answer,” added Rouhani.

On June 20, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is part of the Iranian Armed Forces, shot down an American drone at the entrance to the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hadjizade, commander of the IRGC Aerospace Force stated that an American reconnaissance aircraft that was near the drone could also have been shot down.

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