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Police dismissed rape charges from Brazilian footballer Neymar

Police dismissed rape charges from Brazilian footballer Neymar escaped criminal punishment .“Hope for the prosecutor”: all charges were dropped from Neymar
Police dismissed rape charges from Brazilian footballer Neymar
Police dismissed rape charges from Brazilian footballer Neymar

Brazilian footballer Neymar escaped criminal punishment in the case of charges of rape. In May, the model Nasila Trindade filed a statement with the police on the star “Paris Saint-Germain”, but the investigation revealed strange details that were not in favour of the alleged victim.

The saga of the charges of Paris Saint-Germain striker Neymar of rape came to an end - the football player escaped punishment. According to the online portal Folha de Sao Paulo, law enforcement agencies removed from the start of the Brazilian national team all suspicions and did not press charges against him.

Thus, a few months later, the police finally established that Neymar had not committed any crime against the Brazilian model of Nazhila Trindade.

  • Recall that in May, the girl contacted the police of São Paulo after a trip to Paris, where she met with a football player. According to the testimony of Baits, she had a long-time correspondence with Neymar in social networks and later accepted his offer to meet in person. The player paid for her flight and accommodation in one of the luxury hotels in the capital of France, but the idyll, as the girl claims, went quickly.

  • When the couple retired, then, according to Trindade, the football player began to behave inadequately and raped her. After some time, the model changed the testimony, stating that sex between her and Neymar was by mutual agreement, and she filed a statement because he allegedly hit her. All this was preceded by a video that appeared on the network, which shows how a football player embraces a girl and lies down on the bed.
Imprinted and how, at one point, Trindade begins to shout at Neymar and throw things at him, after which the video is interrupted.

Even though the police did not find any evidence of guilt of Neymar, the defence of Nazile was sure that the case was not closed yet. According to the girl’s lawyer Cosme Araujo, representatives of Trindade expect to contact the prosecutor’s office to “demand a more thorough examination of the case.” The prosecutor's office may appeal this decision within 15 days.

“We still hope for the prosecutor. We have faith in the judicial system ",

  • The football player initially stated that all the charges against him are false, and fraudsters push them. Neymar and his representatives issued a statement saying that shortly before Trindade appealed to the police, her lawyer contacted the footballer and demanded money for the girl’s silence. Bailey claimed that she had a video that proves the Brazilian’s guilt, but didn’t provide it to law enforcement.

  • Initially, the girl said that the video was on her tablet, and later, she announced that the electronic device had been stolen. The owner of the apartment, from where the tablet was allegedly stolen, refuted the theft.

She eventually pointed to her lawyer, accusing him of hiding evidence.

  • The police in the lawyer’s office didn’t find the device or its traces, and its former human rights activist Danilo García de Andrade ultimately refused to cooperate, citing Trindade’s unethical position, devoid of common sense and truth. Neymar fans and experts noted that during interrogations, Nasila often changed testimony and behaved strangely, which allegedly confirms the version of a football player about extortion.
  • As evidence of his innocence, Neymar had to post screenshots of his correspondence with Trindade on Instagram. The leadership of the social network eventually removed the post, as it contained materials of an intimate nature, however, football player cleared his conscience before a part of society.
This paid off, because, in mid-July, the police of Sao Paulo opened the case against Trindade - law enforcement officers suspect the model of fraud and extortion.
  • The investigation not only failed to establish Neimar’s guilt but also found out that with the help of her lawyer, Nasma could extort money from Neimar in exchange for evidence. Now the investigation into this case continues
  • The lawyer of the girl Araujo not so long ago made a statement in the press, where he said that his client "is considered a monster, a criminal and a villain." According to the lawyer, she has reached the point that the girl is afraid to go out, fearing for her life.

The hatred of Brazilians and personal fans of Neymar to Trindade is also related to the fact that many people consider her guilty of missing 2019 in the home Cup of America.

During training sessions, the Brazilian national team Neymar was distracted from preparations for the tournament, calling for interrogations. And in a friendly match, he, playing in a state of stress, was seriously injured, because of which he could not take part in competitions.

It is highly likely that Neymar will leave PSG this summer. The Brazilian desperately wants to return to his former club, Barcelona, ​​but the Catalan club doubts about his candidacy. Well, after removing the charges of rape, the chances of the striker to play again in a blue and garnet t-shirt increased.

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French striker Paris Saint-Germain Neymar Strike and sanctions: how Neymar escapes from PSG

French striker Paris Saint-Germain Neymar did not appear on July 8 at the beginning of the pre-season training at the location of his club, which has already announced that it will apply appropriate sanctions to the footballer. The return of the Brazilian to Barcelona is becoming more and more real.

Police dismissed rape charges from Brazilian footballer Neymar
Police dismissed rape charges from Brazilian footballer Neymar

Unauthorized vacation

The transfer saga of the reverse transition of the Brazilian forward PSG Neymar to Barcelona has already eclipsed the story of two years ago when the attacker drove off to Paris for compensation of € 222 million to “get out of the shadow of Messi”.

Obviously, Ney didn’t manage to do this, and his position in the Paris team was already complicated by the appearance of another threat - the still young but already monstrous French striker Kilian Mbappé.

·         But the main thing is that in two seasons the Brazilian himself became disillusioned with PSG, who is not able to go beyond the first stage of the Champions League playoffs, no matter who is in the competition, as well as in life itself in Paris.

·         Neymar wants to go back to Barcelona. There his dream is to see former partners in the murderous attacking trident “MSN” - Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez - and in the capital of France, they no longer deny the possibility of selling. But the matter itself does not get off the ground and by the time the Paris Club prepares its preseason preparation, the deal is not even at the stage of active discussion.

As a result, Neymar did not arrive on July 8 in the PSG camp, when all the players of the team had already officially left the holiday, which infuriated the management. The club has already announced that it will apply serious sanctions to the world's most expensive player.

Presale preparation

“The reason for Neymar’s absence was known. Everything was planned for another year in the framework of his son’s activities at the Instituto Neymar Jr. (charitable foundation. - "Gazeta.Ru"). We could not postpone the event, and he will return July 15th. It's simple, no drama. PSG is aware of this and takes part in the activities of the Instituto Neymar Jr, ”said the father and at the same time the football agent Neymar Sr.

True, the fact that things are exactly like this, no one really believed it. In this case, there would definitely be no statements about the application of sanctions to the player.

By the way, there would not be them for sure if the Parisians wanted to keep the footballer in their lineup this summer. The aggressive rhetoric of the champions of France indicates that they are ready for the sale of their main asset.

Details of the relationship between Neymar and the club were published by UOL Esporte. According to him, last week Neymar had a telephone conversation with the sports director Leonardo who had recently returned to the club. He formulated his vision of the future "PSG", the player assured that he likes everything, but he still wants to leave.

Teammates and partners in the Brazilian national team Thiago Silva, Marquinhos and Dani Alves who had not left the team at the time of the conversation Dani Alves were also informed about the forward’s intentions.

But the main thing is that the player introduced the club president Nasser Al-Hellaifi, who not so long ago, at a briefing with the press, spoke out sharply that PSG would not hold players who did not want to play for this team.

Price issue 

Neymar himself immediately after the end of the season contacted the leadership of "Barcelona" and, as reported by the Spanish media, asked back. Moreover, the Brazilian seems to have accepted all the conditions put forward by the Catalan club: salary cuts, public apologies for the situation two years ago and refusal to continue litigation for the unpaid Bars earlier loyalty bonus over a couple of tens of millions.

With the desire of the player, everything is clear, Barcelona itself is also not averse to returning the superstar, which so brightly shone when it was blue garnet, is open for sale and PSG, but there are several problems with the deal.

The price for the attacker bites. Neymar became two years older and received about a dozen injuries during this time, so he never even played 30 games in a season in Ligue 1, but they are not going to sell it for less than they bought in Paris.
According to various media, there are three options for the transaction. Either Barça pays the same€ 222 million that was paid to it two years ago, or € 170 million was transferred into the PSG account and donated one of the players, or two Spanish football players of the Spanish club will take part in the deal and € 130million

Conditions for the Catalans, frankly, ambiguous, and the abominable relationship between the clubs only exacerbate the problem.

Two years ago, PSG was furious with the attempts of the Spaniards to take the Italian midfielder MarcoVerratti from the Paris club. Then the midfielder even began to sabotage training, but in the end, was never sold and returned to the team.

Actually, Neymar's ransom for compensation was also an act of vengeance by the Qatari Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani “Barcelona”.

Actually, now, in fact, everything depends on the position of this particular person. If Al-Thani decides to save Neymar, then the attacker will not go anywhere. If the sheikh wants to sell a football player - Al-Hellaifi and Leonardo will take the peak.
The second is more likely because permanent injuries do not allow Neymar to use the team to its fullest. (From English Manchester United Parisians flew out of the Champions League while Nei was treated), and the scandals that haunt the player harm the club's reputation.

One way or another, the issue of transition will be decided not very soon, and therefore lovers of transfer series will have more than to enjoy this summer.

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