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Real Madrid: A forecast of Viktor Gusev for a friendly meeting

Commentator Victor Gusev gave a forecast for the match “Real” - “Arsenal” in the framework of the International Champions Cup.

Real Madrid: A forecast of Viktor Gusev for a friendly meeting
Real Madrid: A forecast of Viktor Gusev for a friendly meeting

“In this International Champions Cup, which has been held for seven years now, there has never been such a thing for a team to win all three matches.

By the way, last year Tottenham won. And now Arsenal is very close to success because Arsenal has won two games. And now he needs another victory, and then Arsenal almost guarantees itself the first place and this rather prestigious trophy.

But you remember that Londoners beat Bayern 2: 1. And after that, there was a victory over “Fiorentina” with a score of 3: 0. We noted that the young lions Unai Emery looks very healthy, the renewed team. Experts believe that the victory over “Fiorentina” 3: 0 is not very successful in the game, but the whole thing is that Arsenal played in fact as a reserve team.

As for the "Real", then there is a different situation. After all, “Real” played with the same “Bavaria” and lost 1: 3. You can also say that the set is not for the game. After all, the fact is that the Madrid looked very good in the attack, just the Germans played well in defense, but Real had their moments. But in the defense of Madrid, of course, disappoint. In fact, all the goals of “Bavaria” was scored as a result of errors “Real”. So you need to pay attention to Zidane.

Both teams, you remember, by the standards of the past season - losers. Now everyone looks different. For example, Zidane was bribed by good football players, and in this tournament, he bets on people he knows, with whom he achieved something in his previous cycle with Real. And he achieved a lot and serious. And Arsenal cannot allow such acquisitions, and now it has the very young people that Unai Emery throws into battle. And such an interesting situation. But I repeat that about now “Arsenal” will win the cup.

Well, if you want a clear phrase, then in this century Real Madrid never scored Arsenal. Let me remind you the statistics because in 2008 they played in the one-eighth finals of the Champions League and there, by the way, Arsenal won with a score of 1: 0, Londoners played 0: 0 away. And then there was such a match, less serious when Arsenal also won 1: 0. That's not a single missed ball from Real Madrid in this century!

We need to look at where the acquisitions are serious, and where not, where are the young people. It seems to me that especially in this situation, one step before winning the tournament, Arsenal has a bigger incentive to win this match. And the young guys, whom I called young, it seems to me, will not miss their chance in this match on July 24.

Therefore, I will make this forecast. Maybe even a little reinsured, not putting to win. But I will say that in this game “Real Madrid” - “Arsenal”, “Arsenal” will not lose in the main time with a factor of 1.79, ”said Gusev

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