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Russia Decided to Deliver S-400 Missile System to Iran

Russia Decided to Deliver S-400 Missile System to Iran The relationship between Iran and America stand  on the worst stage because both of countries relationship is not good between them America continuously wants to Iran that  not increase the source to generate Uranium for developing Nuclear weapons, But the Iran response is not in America favour, on the other side Russia also give support to Iran that disagrees that instruction that America forced to Iran work for it

Russia Decided to Deliver S-400 Missile System to Iran
Russia Decided to Deliver S-400 Missile System to Iran 

The relationship between Russia and Iran is good while America is not good. Russia continuously gives support to Iran against any strict step that is taken by President Trump. and now Russia Decided to Deliver S-400 Missile System to Iran.  Russia  took a bold step and they can deliver S-400 Missile system to anyone in upcoming days

Russia already finalises the deal with Turkey for giving S-400 Missile defence system. while America continuously threatened to Turkey for withdrawing the plan for buying S-400 defence missile system from Russia. But Turkey President Tayyab Erdogan said " Turkey will never withdraw the plan for buying S-400 Missile defence system from Russia", America doing things what he wants but Turkey will never leave. This is an interesting move for everyone in the upcoming months.

America Continuously create conspiracy against the Muslim World, Indian and Israel Intelligence agencies(Mossad and RAW) also involved those activities that America create for Muslim World to destroy them

In recently Iran shut down the American expensive Drone, Iran claim that American Drone flies in our border area that's why Iran shut down the drone but America cannot agree with Iran. Donald Trump said Iran doing a big mistake so now they need to ready for an America response. 

Iran has demanded relief from crippling economic sanction, Iran recently quadrupled its production of low enriched Uranium and threatened to rise enrichment to weapons-grade level on July 7, unless the Europe and United Nations Security Council offered a new Accord, President Trump withdraw the US from the agreement in my 2018, Iran is believed to have abided until recently by the terms of the deal, Rhetoric from Iran's ruling Shiite theocracy ramped up, promising action stronger than the Downing of u.s. drone on June 20

United State President Donald Trump stated that " Iran showcases their military power, so does Russia and North Korea! What is wrong with America showing its power Patriotism, readiness and National Pride? Nothing, unless you are liberal" John Mearsheimer, writes Said, " Donald Trump stated that he wants to try to make sure Iran never increase nuclear weapons. His policy, however, is having the opposite effect."

President Trump also stated on Iran: "They know what they’re doing, they know what they’re playing with, and I think they’re playing with fire. So no message to Iran whatsoever."

The United State will try to continue to increase the pressure until Iran withdraw the plan for uranium enrichment. The Trump leadership will never allow Iran to increase and developed a Nuclear weapon. but Iran can not allow to anybody especially America doing any aggression against them. So they never accept the United State Pressure, Iran President Hassan Ruhani start working to reduce American economic sanction 

Kirsten Gillibrand stated that " Abandoning the Iran nuclear deal was reckless and dangerous. We need to return to the agreement, strengthen it, and bring Iran back into compliance. President Trump’s foreign policy is a national security risk".

The foreign minister of Iran said the move was "reversible" but they want that Iran could continue to reduce its commitment to the pact. Iran’s move is the second violation of the nuclear deal, not the first. The first violation happened by the US last year when President Trump pulled out of the deal and later imposed sanctions that had been lifted as part of the deal. Iran is reducing its compliance with the agreement because of American violation and reduction of the remaining signatures' compliance. At least Iran has not reduced its compliance to ZERO like EU.

Iran is allowed (under Art. 36 JCPOA) to treat other parties' violation of their obligations as ground "to cease performing its commitments in whole or in part" until others are brought back to compliance. Other parties are estopped from invoking "snapback".

 CIA, RAW and Netanyahu, have created a critical situation where it’s gonna be very difficult for President Trump to avoid a war with Iran

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