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Trump Taking New Moves With Russia and Turkey In Nuclear Weapons

Trump Taking New Moves With Russia and Turkey In Nuclear Weapons because Russia and America work further for next-level development in advanced Nuclear weapons

Trump Taking New Moves With Russia and Turkey In Nuclear Weapons
Trump Taking New Moves With Russia and Turkey In Nuclear Weapons

Trump supported the DPRK in the missile incident:

US President Donald Trump said he did not understand the hype around the situation with the launch of DPRK missiles, reports TASS.
“They did not conduct a nuclear test. They actually did not test any other missiles except short-range missiles, that is, such things that a lot of other countries are experiencing, ”Trump said.
Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Washington is still counting on diplomacy and negotiations with the DPRK, despite recent missile launches.
He recalled that after a “couple of weeks,” the United States and the DPRK will have negotiations at the working level.

Russian diplomats went to the vessel arrested by the DPRK:


Employees of the Russian Embassy in the DPRK went to the second meeting with the crew of the vessel detained by the border guards of North Korea, RIA Novosti report

“Today at 7 am local time, a group of consular workers and the first-aid post of the Russian Embassy in the DPRK left for the port of Wonsan for a meeting with the crew of the Russian fishing vessel Xiangheilin-8,” the message said.
This will be the second meeting of Russian diplomats with sailors.
The embassy promised to inform about its details after the return of employees to Pyongyang.

In the DPRK justified in launching missiles:

The head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, explained the launch of new tactical guided missiles, which had previously passed in the country, reports TASS.
The North Korean leader said that the tests were needed as a response to Seoul to conduct military exercises on the Korean Peninsula.
He clarified that Pyongyang would not succumb to the "South Korean militarists."
One the short-range missile flew about 430 kilometres, and the other - about 690 km.
They reached a maximum altitude of 50 kilometres and fell into the Sea of ​​Japan.


In the DPRK have tested a new type of rocket:


In North Korea, launched a new type of missile. This writes "Renhap" with reference to the South Korean armed forces.
On July 25, the DPRK launched two short-range missiles in the direction of the Sea of ​​Japan.
One the short-range missile flew about 430 kilometres, and the other - about 690 km. They reached a maximum altitude of 50 kilometres and fell into the Sea of ​​Japan.
According to the source, the second rocket looks like a new type of rocket and requires additional study.
Earlier it was reported that the DPRK launched an unidentified projectile.

America wants a big coalition in the Strait of Hormuz:

The United States offered Britain, France, Germany, Norway, Japan, South Korea and Australia to join the security coalition in the Strait of Hormuz, RIA Novosti reports.

This was stated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
“We asked the British, French, Germans, Norwegians, Japanese, South Koreans, Australians ... I’m sure I missed several countries,” he said.
According to him, every country that is interested in the safety of the Strait of Hormuz "must participate in order to protect not only its own interests", but also "the foundations of free and open waterways."

Food delivered to a ship detained in the DPRK from Russia:

 Onboard the Russian ship "Xianghailin-8", detained in the territory of the DPRK, delivered a supply of food and water. This writes TASS with reference to the company owning the ship.
 The ship was detained on July 17, when it was heading from the South Korean port of Sokcho to the Sea of ​​Japan to extract crab.
It is noted that the reason for the detention of the ship was to enter the protected zone.
Onboard the ship is 17 crew members, 15 of whom are citizens of the Russian Federation, another two are from the Republic of Korea.
Earlier it was reported that North Korea seized the Russian ship.

Without a shot: how the S-400 has destroyed relations between the US and Turkey

Washington again called on Ankara to abandon the S-400 Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. And this, obviously, will be one of the last appeals to Turkey from the American side: if earlier the United States urged to refuse to supply these systems, now it is a question of not putting them into action. But the Turkish side has repeatedly demonstrated its inflexibility in this matter.

One of the closest associates of the American leader Donald Trump, Senator Lindsay Graham - a Republican from the state of South Carolina - at the request of the head of state held a telephone conversation with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chavushoglu. Graham called on Ankara not to put into operation the Triumph S-400 Russian anti-aircraft missile systems (ZRS), reports the online publication Defense One.

“I share the opinion of those who believe that if they [Turkey] do not put into operation the S-400, then [the United States] will not need to impose sanctions. I hope to convince Turkey not to introduce the system [S-400] into operation due to the fact that it has a destructive effect on our relations, ”the Republican quoted the publication.

In addiAlsoenator spoke in favour of changing the main topic of talks between Washington and Ankara.

He proposed to retreat from the discussion of the S-400 and start a dialogue on the conclusion of a free trade agreement. 

  • On the eve of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) told TASS that Russia has completed the first stage of the delivery of "Triumphs" to Turkey.

  • Mevlut Cavusoglu himself told TGRT Haber that S-400 will be commissioned in Turkey by the beginning of 2020. He stressed that the Russian air defence systems work better than the American Patriot.

  • The head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry once again noted that the S-400 is a protective system. “If Turkey is attacked from the air, we use them to avoid this attack,” Cavusoglu explained.

  • In his opinion, Donald Trump can really refuse to impose sanctions against Ankara within the framework of the Law on Countering the Enemies of the United States through Sanctions (CAATSA). But in the event of a hostile attitude on The American side, Turkey is ready to take retaliatory measures, the Turkish Minister warned.

  • Cavusoglu also said that Ankara decided to participate in the program to create American fifth-generation fighter F-35, because it is a good system and advanced technology. However, he assured that in this case, the Turkish authorities will act by analogy with the S-400 issue: if the United States finally decides not to supply the aircraft to Ankara, then it will look for an alternative.

The White House and the Pentagon officially announced the exclusion of the Turkish side from the F-35 production program on July 17.

  • Moreover, this step, according to representatives of the US defence department, is not even part of the sanctions promised by Washington against Ankara for the acquisition of S-400. The restrictive measures themselves can be introduced in addition to the decision on fighter-bombers. Turkey has already ordered 30 of these aircraft from the United States possible 100.

  • The discontent of the United States and other NATO countries is explained by their fears that the radars of the Russian systems can learn to calculate and track the F-35.

  • And, nevertheless, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan believes that NATO should approve the purchase of Turkey's S-400 since the alliance will be the beneficiary of this transaction. He stated this on the television channel Haberturk.

  • He is confident that the acquisition of air defence missile systems from Russia will greatly affect NATO, and the alliance should be happy about this. “If NATO has three to five of the most powerful member countries, then one of them is Turkey. And in our region, Turkey is the most powerful pillar of NATO, ”said the Turkish leader.

  • According to the head of state, if Ankara becomes stronger after purchasing Russian systems, then the same will happen with the alliance. In Addison recalled that Turkey is “one of two or three countries” who pay the required contributions on time.

  • The deal between Turkey and Russia on the supply of S-400, he called the most important agreement for Ankara. “At the moment, the most important agreement in our modern history is the S-400 deal. Buying S-400, Turkey is not preparing for war. Air defence systems are designed to ensure peace and security in our country, ”explained Erdogan.

He clarified that the steps taken by the authorities are designed to improve the republic’s defence capability. 

Former Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, Ergin Saygun, believes that the Russian S-400 is only a pretext for the escalation of tension between Washington and Ankara. In fact, the United States simply does not want the development of Turkey and is interested in strengthening another player, Güneş quotes him.

“For the West in the Middle East, it is important to ensure the security of Israel and control over energy resources. Countries hostile to Israel are eliminated. At the end of this line in Turkey. I have to say this because it is true, ”explained the ex-military man.

He is convinced that this conflict is not at all in the S-400 or F-35. Saigon believes that the United States is dissatisfied with Ankara’s independent foreign policy and does not want Turkey to become a regional power. 

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