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US Banned BLA as a Terrorist Institution |Important Development for Pakistan |

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US Banned BLA as a Terrorist Institution Important Development for Pakistan. Imran Khan and Pakistan Army continuously trying to work hard against terrorist that's why Pakistan Army sacrifice many Soldier during a war against terrorist. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan  taking a bold step for making Pakistan in a right path. He is decided to going to meet President Trump but before PM Khan visit he is getting things for Pakistan in a right path as he is ready to visit a country and an Advance move for Pakistan is on the way.

US Banned BLA as a Terrorist Institution Important Development for Pakistan
US Banned BLA as a Terrorist Institution Important Development for Pakistan

Pakistan get a Huge diplomatic victory International for Pakistan as Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is black listed by United state of America It's a huge blow a great step by Pakistan army and Imran Khan because much needed that it should be banned Organization internationally All RAW funded Terrorist organisations will die faster and RAW spy will punished for sure. because Indian Intelligence agency create conspiracy and doing terror activity by using BLA against Pakistan

U.S Calls BLA(Balochistan Liberation Army) a Banned Organisation  for its Terrorist Activities in Balochistan, Pakistan "It's indeed a positive step forward by the Security Institutions of America by Banning a Terrorist organisation BLA who target the innocent people and working for RAW, Creating Conspiracy and rebellion against Pakistan.The reality behind the Islamophobics faces is more disturbing. Today Modi's India is bleeding where lynching has become popular weapons by RSS. Narendra Modi BLA institution is banned by US Security Council 

Before visiting Prime Minister of Pakististan Imran Khan's White House , America has banned Balochistan Liberation Army(BLA). This institution involved in attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi. The master mind of Attack is Rashid Brohi has been arrested by LEAs in a Gulf Country and shifted to Pakistan. Rashid Barohi provides Important information and contacts etc even as a Pakistan Military  continues the crackdown in Balochistan   

The banned BLA “is an armed group that targets security forces and innocent civilians, specially in Balochistan areas of Pakistan,” The State Department said in its designation.One another interesting thing is that in excuse of declaring BLA terrorists the United State government has also banned 3 irani, sunni organisations who fighting against shia, Irani government! but no shia organization was banned

BLA was founded by Brahamdagh Bugti and Harbiyar Marri. This group has been involved in bombings and attacks against Pakistan government and Pak Army. RAW funding to BLA for doing the terror activity in Pakistan. Pak Army already took action against BLA but BLA have a International support like help BLA for giving arms and money but now this institution is Internationally banned by United State Security Council so no BLA receive more International funding

After Faiz Hameed appointed DG ISI taking a great step against terrorist organisation working against them and drugs dealer like Pakistan minister Rana Sana-ul-Laah involved in drugs dealing so he arrested by Police and finally Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is banned buy United State security Council it is a good step by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and taking things for Pakistan in a right direction. All Pakistani army officer work secretly they cannot take a Credit openly that's why DG ISI Mohammad Faiz has not open said he is behind him

Faiz Hameed appointed DG ISI taking a great step against terrorist organisation
Faiz Hameed appointed DG ISI taking a great step against terrorist organisation 

India face a big lose after BLA banned in United Stated because India is a country who controlled BLA in Balochistan for doing a terror activity against Pakistan Army In this activity Mossad also involved because Israel also give support to India for creating conspiracy against Pakistan and his army but after elected Imran Khan as a Prime Minister Of Pakistan they face difficulties for doing any aggression against them because previous government don not support to Pakistan Army for taking an action against them but Imran Khan give free hand to Pakistan Army for taking an action against them

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