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Liverpool vs Southampton: 11 consecutive wins: Liverpool beat Southampton

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In the second round match, Liverpool beat Southampton away and won their eleventh consecutive victory in Premier League match. Liverpool vs Southampton: 11 consecutive wins: Liverpool beat Southampton

Liverpool vs Southampton: 11 consecutive wins: Liverpool beat Southampton

Match over
The mixed victory of Liverpool. Everything was fine for Klopp's team, but then Adrian, who had helped out several times before, frankly brought a goal into his own net, and in the end, “Satugempton” could take away the best club in Europe, but the second team of England had such important points. Thank you for being with us until we meet again. The broadcast was led by Alexander Sedov.
'90 +4
Everything, nothing else, could create Southampton. Liverpool won!
'90 +2
Panic in the penalty area of ​​“Liverpool” after a penalty kick from the left flank. But no one struck a blow to the ball that darted over the penalty ball.
'90 +1
Four minutes added Marriner to the second half.
Alexa Oxlade-Chamberlain is replaced by the captain of Liverpool Jordan Henderson.
AAAAAAAAAA! What a chance to equalize! Heiberg made a free-kick from the right line to the goalkeeper's line to the incoming Ingzu, who had all the gates in front of him, but the striker couldn’t get on the ball properly!
Moussa Genepo chopped on the flank of Oxlade-Chamberlain and receives a yellow card.
What an import from Adrian, who had played great before! Van Dyck passed the goalkeeper back, and he made a pass from the bottom and hit exactly in the leg of the incoming Inzu, who sent a touch into the goal of his former club!
Matip cuts the ball into the corner of his goal, but Adrian drags. After a corner, Redmond hits inaccurately.
Instead of Mo Salah, Divok Origi enters the field.
Trent Alexander-Arnold breaks the breakthrough in the counterattack of fresh Moussa Genepo and receives a yellow card.
Southampton's latest replacement: Moussa Jenepo left instead of Ryan Bertrand.
Now Gunn saves after Robertson's most dangerous blow!
Gunn saves the Southampton after hitting Mane with a free-kick from the depths.
In the meantime, Fabinho appears on the field instead of Milner, who played almost the entire match with a bandaged head.
Corner earns Southampton. A chance to fix something.
Again the class works! Manet took Bednarek the ball out of the blue after the hosts' strike and made a pass to Firmino, who easily left Westergor, did not give it to Salah, but shot himself precisely in the lower corner.
Instead of Che Adams, the Southampton appeared on the field Scot Scot Stuart Armstrong.
Moment! Milner ran after everyone, but in the end, he was removed on a backswing by Danny Inez, who had dangerously shot into the far corner above the nine!
Moment! A hectare of space in front of Mane on the left flank. He broke up the attack and made a pass into the penalty area on Firmino, who easily beat Westergor and put him in touch into the far corner, but managed to break past the far post.
The first substitution in the match: instead of the opornik Oriol Romeu came to the former Liverpool striker Danny Ings.
Continues to push Liverpool at the gates of the Saints, realizing all the fragility of the advantage. But they still hold on.
Again Liverpool generates positional attacks, now Salah is much more involved in them.
There is still a struggle in every section of the field. “Southampton” a little accustomed to his field after the unsuccessful start of the second half, but until now it does not reach the point.
Moment! Salah escaped at cruising speed after a pass from the depth of the right half to the Gann goal, but could not beat that - the goalkeeper of “Southampton” repelled a kick!
Great at the exit, Adrian plays, taking the ball out of the box with his fist in a beautiful jump.
Two consecutive hits from the Southampton after Ward-Prose robbed Milner. Both Heibierg’s shots are blocked, but in the end, the “saints” earned a corner.
83% of the time of the second half owns the ball Liverpool, and the hosts also make mistakes in assists in simple situations.
An intricate combination of guests leads to a second corner, after which Westergor twice cleans the penalty box.
Salah tries to wrap the wall in the near corner but gets into it. In the end, everything ends in a corner.
Matip stumbles into a Liverpool positional attack on Oriol Romeu in front of the box. The Spaniard tried to avoid contact, but this is a foul. A very dangerous free-kick is scheduled.
Coaches managed without replacements during the break, and while the game is at the beginning of the second half, it’s quite calm. But the ball is more for guests who already lead.
Let's go! The second half started.
Absolutely nothing happened at the “Liverpool”, “Southampton” was even sharper, but a hit by Sadio Manet in time added all changed. A class is a class. Well, now take a break and see how the game changes in the second half.
'45 +3
Well, that's all. The first half is over.
'45 +1
Here it is! From nothing! We played out on the left flank, delivered the ball into the penalty area on Mane, and he figured it out perfectly, having worked his ball twice to the centre and a little back and fired from the penalty line into the far corner!

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'45 +1
'45 +1
Squeezes Liverpool, but so far absolutely no moments. And Marriner adds two minutes to the first half.
It is very important that the “saints” have so far managed to completely shut down Mohamed Salah from the game.
The game is now such that it is visible - Liverpool is a favourite, but hardly unconditional.
Nothing interesting happens on the field, unless, of course, you are fans of the constant struggle in the centre of the field.
The long-range shot by Adams against Adrian is slightly higher. The Spaniard controlled everything.
Ariol Romeuu receives a yellow card for jumping into the legs of an attempt to launch a counterattack from his half to Robertson. In general, the Spaniard played the ball, but the referee considered his jump unjustifiably dangerous.
Milner tried to make a cross from the right flank and seemed to have earned a corner in the fight against the defender, but the referees showed that a goal kick was awarded.
Salah hits the ball after a pass but misses the target.
Now it’s across from Liverpool and Klopp’s team earned a corner, but Gunn is good at the exit after serving from the second pace.
Redmond found Bertrand in the box, who made a cross. Adrian reached for the ball, but Valery took it. The Frenchman earned money under his left foot and hit from a dangerous position, but the blow did not come out strong, and he was stopped by van Dyck. But this is the moment.
Of course, while the game is not at all scripted by Jurgen Klopp. With Norwich in the first round, Liverpool quickly threw four goals in the first half, but it doesn’t work out here.
Right now, the “reds" have become, who today are playing in a completely black uniform with light green inserts on their leggings, they again took the ball to themselves and are looking for options in a positional game.
The Southampton continues to harass Adrian. Not to say that there was sharpness all the time, but pressure does occur.
“Southampton” crushes, earning another corner, but meanwhile Milner returned to the field with his bandaged head.
Moment! Yoshida jumps over everyone and bows with his head about three meters after filing from the corner of the field, but Adrian makes magnificent salvation!
Corner earns Southampton.
While ten guests play, Southampton carries out two dangerous attacks. First, Redmond did not manage to make address lumbago after a break on the left flank, and then Adams hit from the penalty area, and it was really dangerous, but the ball went a little past the target.
Milner and Ward-Prose collided their heads in the air, and both needed the help of doctors. Moreover, the captain of the “Liverpool” even went over the sideline, where doctors glued his eyebrow. Player "saints" on the field.
Salah famously gathered two opponents at the front of the penalty box on the right corner and made a cool pass on Chamberlain, who kicked the ball towards the far corner but missed the goal.
Liverpool controls the ball, but Southampton defends very compactly.
“Southampton” is trying to play through the jerks of its forwards and flanking midfielders behind Van Dyck with Matip. The picture is clear. Now van Dyck managed to stop Adams from taking the ball and shooting from the box.
Impressively played Adrian after transferring van Dyck back. Reached and eventually hit Ward-Prose, who pressed it, from which the ball bounced over the front.
“Liverpool” crushed after a corner, even made an attempt to strike, but in the end it all ended with a foul of Alexander-Arnold in the attack.
Chamberlain took the ball in the alien half of the field from Yoshida, broke through on the right flank and made a pass into the box, from where Ward-Prouz knocked out on the corner ball.
Shots on the goal of “Southampton” almost from the free-kick James Milner, who assisted Mane with his heel, but the rebound from the defender repaid the speed of the ball, which flew into Gann’s hands.
Angus Gunn catches the ball after passing forward from Liverpool and takes it on the side of the box. Mana even thought that behind her. But no.
The first approach performed by Liverpool and even an attempt to strike from Alexander-Arnold, but the danger did not happen.
Let's go! The match has begun.
The match will be serviced by a team of referees led by Andre Marriner.
The main intrigue was allowed with a place at the gates of Liverpool. Adrian, who was injured after the main goalkeeper of the team Alisson, and during the celebration of victory in the European Super Cup (he was kicked by a slipping fan of the team), was still ready to play.
Jürgen Klopp, the coach of Liverpool, put up the following players for the match:
Adrian - Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dyck, Robertson - Oxlade-Chamberlain, Veynaldum, Milner - Salah, Firmino, Mane.
The starting lineups are already known. Ralph Hazenhüttl decided to release from the first minutes the following Southampton players:
Gann - Bednarek, Yoshida, Westergor - Romeu - Ward-Prose, Heiberg, Valerie, Bertrand - Adams, Redmond.
The match will begin at 17.00 Moscow time.
Southampton accepts Liverpool as part of the 2nd round of the Premier League. Together with you, the game will be monitored by Alexander Sedov.

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