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“Explicit attack”: how Israel attacks Iran’s allies

Israel over the past few days has conducted a series of military operations in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and the Gaza Strip .“Explicit the attack”: how Israel attacks Iran’s allies

“Explicit attack”: how Israel attacks Iran’s allies

Israel over the past few days has conducted a series of military operations in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and the Gaza Strip. The attacks of the Israeli Air Force were partially directed against the “pro-Iranian forces” in the region. Israel’s activities were negatively perceived by the authorities of the affected countries, in particular, in Lebanon, the Israeli operation was compared with the declaration of war.

Lebanese President Michel Asun said the Israeli Air Force attacks on the southern suburbs of Beirut and in the Bekaa Valley are tantamount to a declaration of war. According to him, Israel’s actions violate the UN Security Council resolution, which contributed to the establishment of a ceasefire between the countries.

“These attacks allow us to exercise our right to protect our sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. The Lebanese people are striving for peace, not war, but we will not allow anyone to threaten us in any form, ”Asuna quoted TASS.
He also added that such attacks, if repeated, could destabilize the situation in the region.
Israeli drones invaded Lebanese airspace on the night of August 25, one of the drones exploded in the sky, the second fell near the Hezbollah party's information centre. As a result of the attack, three people were injured. According to Hezbollah, drones carried explosives. On the same day, two fighters of the Israeli air force also violated Lebanese airspace; they conducted an observation flight over the country's territory.
After the incident, Hezbollah leader Sayed Hassan Nasrallah said the movement is preparing an early response to an attack by two Israeli drones. According to him, Israel tried to hit "specific targets in Lebanon."
“The attack was the first clear, serious, dangerous violation of the rules of use of force. If we keep silent about this violation, this will create a dangerous path for Lebanon, ”Nasrallah said.
Hezbollah will do everything possible to prevent similar incidents in the future, the leader of the movement emphasized.
At the same time, from August 24 to 25, Israel conducted a military operation not only in Lebanon, but Syria was also hit. The Israeli Air Force attacked Iran’s Al-Quds forces and Shiite forces in Syrian Aqrab. The Israeli army said that these movements allegedly planned an attack on Israeli targets from Syria.
"The failed attack included plans to launch several armament-equipped drones for use against Israeli targets," the agency said.
The Israeli army also accused the Syrian and Iranian authorities of preparing this attack against Israel.
According to local media, as a result of an Israeli air raid, three Hezbollah combat wing soldiers and one Iranian soldier were killed. At the same time, Iran stated that their facilities in Syria were not affected by the Israeli attack. According to the Secretary of the Council on the appropriateness of the decisions taken by Iran, Mohsen Rezai, the actions of Israel and the United States in Syria and Iraq are contrary to international standards.
Amid Israeli attacks on Syria and Lebanon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his state would not tolerate attacks from any of the countries in the region.
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“Each state that allows its territory to be used for attacks on Israel will face consequences, I emphasize that the state will face consequences,” Netanyahu added.
He also added that militants in Syria were planning an attack on Israel at the initiative of Iran.
This is not the first Israeli operation against the "Iranian forces" in the past few days, on the eve of the Israeli military tried to conduct reconnaissance over the territory of Iraq, namely near the base of the "Popular Mobilization Forces", which are associated with Iran. However, the Iraqi military opened fire on the plane. The movement said that the air defense of the "Popular Mobilization Forces" thwarted the enemy’s operation.
In addition, the Israeli Air Force also conducted another operation on the night of August 26, when fighters attacked a military base of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military said the attack was a response to rocket fire on Israeli territory. In particular, Israeli fighters struck the building in which the office of the commander of one of the Hamas battalions was located.
Thus, in a few days, the Israeli Air Force conducted four military operations in different countries. Moreover, all of them were indirectly connected with Iran, given that Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine are allies of Iran.
Israel systematically accuses Iran of planning attacks on the Jewish state. According to the Israeli side, Tehran is allegedly trying to create advanced bases in countries that have not officially recognized Israel, in particular, because of its many years of a territorial dispute with the Palestinians.
Netanyahu confirmed this position on the eve, he called on the international community to prevent Iran’s attacks on Israel. According to him, the Iranian side allegedly carries out "bloody terrorist attacks on the Jewish state."
“I urge the international community to immediately take measures to force Iran to stop these attacks,” Netanyahu said.
In his statements, the Israeli prime minister partially adheres to the US strategy in the Middle East, which is partially built on countering Iran. Washington explains its actions by the need to "prevent Tehran from getting nuclear weapons." At the same time, Iranian authorities have repeatedly noted that US actions have a negative impact on the situation in the region.

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